How To Earn Free Sephora Gift Card

Want to earn free Sephora gift cards? Yes, you heard me right. If you are a regular follower of this blog then I’m sure you are huge beauty lover and as big of a fan of Sephora as I’m. Otherwise why would you come here lol. Since VIB sale starts from tomorrow until the 14th, here are few ways that…


Lovin’ Lately || October Edit

My head it still spinning around the fact that how this year has unwound itself and has almost come in full circle towards the end of 2016. I still clearly remember the day I de-boarded the plane because my daughter wasn’t ready to leave her grand parents. And how few months ago I was stressing over sending her to the…


How To Be A Not So Primitive Blogger

Despite of thinking and wanting to stand out of the crowd, we often find ourselves caught up in the midst of the latest trends. Be it that, ‘it’ marble background or the  same Givency bag that every fashion blogger has been carrying around.  Of-course there is no harm in being caught up and enjoying whats on trend, but hanging in…


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