The Ultimate Code To Resize Your Blog Post Image

Tired of resizing pictures? I know how painful of a task it can get when you just want to hit publish to your blogpost. Here’s one simple css code that will automatically fit images into your blogpost area  and save you from the hassle of resizing those extra large images.  Open Blogger dashboard go to Template > Customize > Advance…


9 Best Photo Editing Apps For Bloggers

If taking photos wasn’t enough, editing can feel like yet another painful task. But the beauty of editing is such, that it gives life, rhythm and romanticism even to the dullest moment captured. And if you are a pro blogger, or aspire to become a full time blogger, then editing photographs becomes a daily chore. So here few of my…


Increase Blog Popularity With These Three SEO Tip

Well everyone who starts blogging, even the diary-to-oneself-kinds (unless the blog settings are put on to private), have that jumpy feeling in the back of the head to get noticed, let alone the ones who actually start blogging thinking it will be massive a ‘thing’ in the future. So today I will be sharing my top three SEO tips that…


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