How To Be A Not So Primitive Blogger

Despite of thinking and wanting to stand out of the crowd, we often find ourselves caught up in the midst of the latest trends. Be it that, ‘it’ marble background or the  same Givency bag that every fashion blogger has been carrying around.  Of-course there is no harm in being caught up and enjoying whats on trend, but hanging in…


Five Tips On Being A Smart Blogger

I know how time consuming blogging can be. From the actual write up part, to photography, to social media engaging and promoting. It can just be a bit over-whelming and well sometimes just end up messing up our routine. But here are few handy-smart tips that can eliminate that extra bit of an effort that’s time killing. PLAN FORWARD AND…


The Must Have Photography Tools

When it comes to blogging and establishing a good blog, the first thing that speaks to the audience in a blog post (apart from the catchy title) are the photographs. Good and high quality photographs are the ultimate source of making your blog successful and popular. Well atleast even if I’m not reading the content I end up spending more…


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