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There are times when I’m lucky enough to work with brands at a paid cost and those posts will be marked with a small disclaimer at the end of the post and also with “#ad”. Nonetheless, be assured I won’t promote or get paid for anything that I don’t particular feel good about. As a fellow blog reader I would be gutted to share something that isn’t worth the time or money or makes you feel cheated.

That being said, everyone is different and feels differently about different things/ products and I’m only here to share what works for me and what I sincerely believe is good and helpful for my readers.


I love the creative aspect of blogging, that is one of the things that brings me immense joy. Therefore I try to make my pictures look visually pleasing. Looking at beautiful imagery brings a sense of motivation and injects a bit of positivity in my life. That is exactly what I’m trying to share with you here.

So you can expect a little bit of romantic filters, heightened exposures, and just a tad bit of perfected flat-lays. But don’t be fooled my friend that everything looks like fresh roses, there is definitely a big pile of mess right next to those pretty images which I clear up every now and then. That being said I’m here to inspire you and not intimidate you by the created perfection.

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