What’s In My Makeup Bag – Jan Edition

I should probably call this a ‘what was in my makeup bag!’ Unlike monthly fav I like sharing what I have been using for the past month. As I do get to try a lot of new makeup/skincare bits. So it’s fun sharing the hits n misses. And I do have to admit that I have started putting on makeup…


A New Look – Welcome To ABD!

It’s a Sunday evening, finally winding off from a weekend which was quite, mmm lovely. A Friday night with friends, Saturday was a movie marathon day (on a side note those were quite the kind of movies I would rarely go for, since I love more Rom com type movies. I feel movies are a way to escape from the…


Best Palettes Of 2016

Hello, Hello, and welcome back! Well to start off, Happy New Year Guys. Now I don’t know what has been putting me off to open up my laptop again and get back into swing of things. I think I’m still delusional with all the holiday fun and trip and still pretty much laid back. Despite trying to make resolutions and…


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