Lifted Face At Home – Is It Really Possible? Everything You Need To Know About Micro-Current Devices.

What Is Micro-current Device?

A device that is used to induce low voltage electric current (particularly mimicking your own body’s electrical current) into the skin, for a more lifted, contoured and refined look. These devices have been around since 1970’s and have been used under medical setting for treating patients with facial paralysis. Now they are available for at home anti-aging treatments.

It may sound a bit too unrealistic but according to Elle, this technology has been approved as a muscle stimulator since 1980’s by the FDA.

The whole idea behind this is to move the micro current device upwards across muscle bands to lift and tone the sagging skin – lets call it a facial Pilate training – and like any muscle training you won’t do it once and expect to have permanently toned muscles.

Things To Know Before Getting A Micro Current Device :

Even though they promise a toned look and are a non invasive way to lift sagging skin, the results are not quite permanent. To keep seeing the benefits, you would have to use the device 3-4 times a week. And with the micro-current devices available for at home treatment, this can be easily achieved.

They are practically a painless procedure with a little tingle/ zapping occasionally around the areas where the nerve attaches the muscle – its not painfully by any means, but feels a bit spicy and give you a little buzz. Honestly when you get that zap you get the assurance that something is definitely happening and working.

So if you decide to get your hands on one of the at home micro current devices, you will have to bare in mind these are not cheap devices and its better to invest into something that has been well researched and produced rather than trying to save your money by getting the cheaper devices that are not well made. Also, the fact that you actually have the time and dedication to use a device that you are investing in, else its more like burning your money.

What You Can Expect Out Of These Devices ?

You can see an instant difference after using this device, even though it’s not permanent, and you won’t shock your self with a before and after instagrammable difference. But you will see a more lifted, plumper look over time with a consistent and regular usage – also the micro current glow is real.

Long term usage helps to stimulate collagen production and gives the skin a brighter and more supple look.

Types Of Devices Available :

Foreo Bear*
Foreo Bear Mini

Nuface Face Trinity*
Nuface Mini
Nuface Fix

Ziip GX


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