Foreo Bear VS Nuface Trinity Comparison – And Why Foreo Bear Is Superior Than Nuface

It was not until recently I was introduced to micro-current, and the genuine pig that I consider myself I jumped onto the opportunity to try the at home micro-current device. Right after I received Foreo Bear* and Nuface Trinity*, I started researching about micro current – what it is, and who should actually use it, I realized it is something that helps in inducing the currents into the skin, that helps in producing collagen over an extended period of use. I have been quite religious with the use of both the devices to see what the actual difference was and if it really works or not. And here are my observations. Microcurrent increases the cellular energy, meaning it not only affects the muscle but will affect the skin at the cellular level – by increasing the cellular energy when cells have more energy they optimally perform their cellular functions which in turn gives you healthier skin.

Now onto the difference between the two devices :


Foreo Bear

  • Small and compact
  • Silicon anti-slip grip
  • Waterproof
  • Non interchangeable head
  • Travel Friendly

NuFace Trinity

  • Fairly big
  • Conventional plastic grip (which can slip off the hands)
  • Has an interchangeable head
  • Less travel friendly (because of its bulky size)


Prep your skin – Before starting with the micro current device it is important to prep your skin thoroughly by cleansing and using hydrating products, also making sure that you are hydrated internally and are using hydrating toners, essence or serums that is water based and NOT oil based.

For the current to enter your body you need a conductivity gel to make the most out of the micro current treatment, as it is the vehicle to help penetrate the currents into the body. Both devices have their conductive gels for Nuface they say to use the their own conductivity gel only, with Foreo they do have their own Serum Serum Serum* but there is no pressure to use that specific product only. I personally don’t really enjoy the ingredient list of serum serum serum so I use my own conductivity gel and this video guides you perfectly with everything you need to know about the gel and even a DIY option to go for it. So basically you apply the gel all over your face and neck before starting off with the treatment and you can always rehydrate your face if the product gets absorbed into the skin by spritzing some facial toners to rehydrate and wet the conductivity gel for the microcurrent device to move smoothly over your skin.

Difference In Technology

Fore Bear

  • Has Anti Shock Technology Build-in (meaning it will alter its current depending on the thickness of the skin).
  • Has T-sonic Pulsation
  • Has 5 level of intensity
  • Is App Synced device – meaning you have to hook up the device to Foreo app
  • Has an intensity upto .2 milliamps
  • Uses Pulsewave
  • 3 mins workout routine

Nuface Trinity

  • Can occasionally Zap you, as it doesn’t have the anti-shock technology
  • Doesn’t have T-sonic Pulsation feature
  • Has 5 level of intensity
  • Isn’t app syncronized
  • Has an inbuilt timer that beeps every few seconds letting you know when to move to the next part of the face
  • Has an intensity of 325 microamps
  • 5 mins workout routine
foreo bear vs Nu face Trinity


  1. Foreo bear is great for someone who wants to experience microcurrent treatment but doesn’t necessarily have time to get the treatment done – as the treatments are short and to the point – this device is great for someone who wants to maintain the health of the skin they already have basically is it more of a preventative treatment as suppose to corrective treatment .
  2. This device is so easy and gives a nice quick lift so its great for anyone who already uses an intensive micro current treatment once a week then Foreo bear steps in to maintain the skins health for the rest of the days of the week.
  3. Its great for someone like me who is in their early 30’s or late 20’s as I said it helps in maintaining the skins health and can help prevent the early aging skin if done regularly paired with a good skincare regime.

So those are my thoughts on the two devices, both are great devices Both are more of a preventive treatment and are great for someone who is looking for a quick lift. Do your research if you are actually thinking of investing into one of the devices if you are young and more concerned about prevention then you should definitely go with Foreo Bear as it is twice as powerful as Nuface and you won’t be disappointed.


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