Nykaa Blendpro Brushes Review

Nykaa Blendpro Brush review

There are so many kinds of brushes in the market, the cheap ones, the expensive ones, the weird shaped angular ones. It can get quite overwhelming when researching and looking into buying a few basic brushes to get the job done. You know what I mean right. So if you are on a hunt for good makeup brushes in the Indian market, then keep reading. As I’m reviewing a new set of brushes which are quite comparable yet super affordable dupes for real technique brushes.

So when Nykaa released their new Blendpro line, I knew I had to give these a go, especially because the price point was so incredibly affordable. And they looked like a prettier and more fancier version of RT brushes which are quite loved and are quite popular.

I picked up six brushes : The blush brush, the stippling brush, Concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow blending brush and the angular eyeshadow brush. There are four more in this line, the fan brush, foundation brush, powder brush and the contour brush. And it also comes in a set with a very handy and useful brush roll to store your brushes in.

First things first, I have to say I’m quite impressed with their quality. They are quite soft and well made. I have been using these for quite a while and I have to say there hasn’t been any shedding.

Even though they are similarly constructed as the Real technique brushes, I have to say there is a difference in the shape when you compare the blush brush from both the brands. The Nykaa one is a bit more wide as compared to the RT which is more fluffier and angular. I like the Nykaa shape more (just my preference) and I feel it can make a great brush for powdering and bronzing as well. Hence I decided to skip the powder brush from this line.

The stippling brush is however very, very similar shape wise and the quality wise. I do feel a good stippling brush is a must-have in your brush collection. As it helps you achieve a more airbrushed finish and is also great for applying any liquid products (like liquid blushes, bronzers, and highlighters)

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The concealer brush is my favorite of all the brushes. It is a multitasker for me. Of course you can use it for concealing. But what I love to use it for the most is highlighting. Because of its shape and size I feel its perfect for that precise highlighter application. Also it is great for nose contouring and eyeshadow blending. And I’m just obsessed with the combination of this brush and my highlighter.

The angular eyeshadow brush, however didn’t work for me. Because it is so fat in width, that it defeats the purpose of creating a precise flick and is even not useful for doing the brows for the same reason. ‘

The eyeshadow brush is a nice brush, just a tinier version of the mac 217 which is a cult classic for eyeshadow application/makeup artist world. There are so many brushes that are similar to Mac 217 – sigma does one, zoeva does one. But this one is definitely not like them. However it does gets the job done and its pretty decent.

The eyeshadow blending brush, I’m not a fan of this either. For some reason domed shaped brushes aren’t technically my cup of tea, as I never reach for them. They might be great for precision blending when going for a smokey eye. But I’d rather prefer my Mac 217 over this any given day.

Final Conclusion : I love the packaging, if you are rose gold obsessed, you will be immediately sucked into the packing. Also like the fact that the packaging is consistent throughout the brush line unlike the RT brushes which have various color handles. For the price the quality is amazing. Plus they are cruelty free and vegan. The three brushes I would highly recommend from this line are the concealer brush, blush brush and the stippling brush.

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