How I wake up to radiant looking skin each morning || My night-time skincare routine

I’m finally done with the day, and it’s the time that I look forward to the most. My night time skincare routine. A time when I get to unwind, relax and take some time to love and appreciate my skin. Because after all the most important and long lasting relation we have is with ourselves. That being said, this is my night time skin care routine, which is basically the bulk of my skincare routine. Neither do I over do it nor am I a minimalist by any means.

So I’ll share with you what I like doing on a day to day basis and a little product recommendation along the way.

Cleanse :

First things first, I need to get my hair off the way so I can clean my face thoroughly. If I’m wearing makeup (which is not that often, to be honest) I like to double cleanse or maybe triple cleanse depending on how much makeup I’m wearing. When it comes to melting the makeup off, the one product that I keep going back to is coconut oil. I do go back and forth between crazy marketed products like micellar water, cleansing balm, cleansing oil, cleansing milk you name it, but there is nothing better than a good old tub of coconut oil. If I’m wearing a non waterproof mascara (which is always), I first gently rub warm water to rinse off/loosen up the mascara, and then go in with my oil, and massage my skin with it, followed by my cleanser. Which is this at the moment and I have to say my skin’s been really enjoying the extra does of glycolic acid it provides. I do take my cleanser on a foreo* because I think it helps clean up the pores and exfoliate while being extremely gentle on the skin. Also it scrapes off any last bits of makeup that maybe sitting on the skin.

Toner And Essence

Pixi glow tonic has been a staple in my skincare routine for years now, and that is one thing that is constant. I love the mild exfoliation it provides and how even my skin tone gets enhanced because of this darling of a product.

Following is this kombucha essence* which is so, so hydrating and soothing to the skin and I loved using this product (until it broke because I was trying to photograph it for this blogpost #behindthescenestruggle). I have to say its expensive, but it is totally worth it. The way it plumped up my skin and made it look well rested and so radiant, I could totally stop my skin care at this point during summers. Oh and did I mention how delicious it smells. You have to try it to believe me.


After toning, it’s time for serums. I have a ridiculous obsession with serums, I feel that they are the most potent skincare items. Because of their consistency, they are fast absorbing and the most effective working products.

I have a few serums that target different issues, my number 1 favorite is Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum. It has Vitamin C and I feel it has massively helped me with hyperpigmentation and brightening my skin. Also, I love Caudalie Vino Perfect radiance serum, it does what it says and another one is the Drunk elephant glycolic acid serum or the Pixi over night serum* (both have glycolic acid) and I love the results, especially when my skin is flaring up, a little extra doze of glycolic acid is what my skin needs to behave. So, I always rotate between serums depending upon what my skin needs and feels, basically I listen to my skin. I do tend to use my serum a little too extra. Because be generous, why not? – LOVE YOUR SKIN!

Moisturizers and Oils

Again depending upon the weather, what my skin is feeling like, I have few moisturizers and oils that I like rotating. At the moment I have been enjoying the Algenist genius ultimate anti aging cream*, can’t claim the anti aging bit, but I love the sheer layer of hydration without feeling too thick on the skin. Love fresh rose cream*, its that one cream that takes extra care of my skin during the harsh dry months, along with fresh seaberry moisturizing face oil*.

Finally lip balm, cant live without it and this one and this one are my two absolute favorite ones, and I can totally rely on them whenever my lips go cracking.

QUICK TIP : Always give few minutes/seconds for a product (like your toners, serums) to completely absorb into your skin before applying the product. You will be surprised with the immediate difference.

Hope this was helpful for anyone who is looking for some product recommendations and a routine to follow. Also I would love to hear your routine and the products that make a difference.


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