A look back at 2018

Wow, even though we say the year went by in a blink of an eye, its us who have rushed through the precious moments and crazy changes. So this year I thought to myself instead of rushing and thinking oh, its already another day of the year and we are already on with the rocket start to 2019, I would enjoy the little things and blessings that come our way.

To say the least, 2018 has been a year of emotional ups and downs in many ways. There have been the best moments and some well not so great moments to the year which made it quite eventful thus far.

So I though I’d just share few of the highlights from the year.

Birth Of My Little Babs/Tortuga (as my brother likes to call him)

It was the most precious moment and the best moment of 2018 and nothing can beat that. After waiting, waiting and waiting finally the little munchkin decided to grace us with his beautiful face on 24th Jan 2018 at 9.15pm. As they say the second delivery is a smooth sail, but they never warn you of the pregnancy. It is definitely tougher than the first one. I will probably do my birth story, just cause I want to keep a written diary of it.

Got My Work Mojo Back

Blogging Wise – It’s lovely to know that your work is getting the right kind of attention and appreciation. 2018 has been a great year when it came to blogging, well not actually blogging but more like insta-blogging. I finally got an opportunity to work with Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Hourglass these are few of my all time favorite brands and it was amazing to work with them. Some great paid opportunities. Over all it was an exhilarating experience. Despite being a little slow at work at the beginning of the year for obvious motherhood reasons, I finally had to give my baby bum a rest and catch up with the pace of work.

Etsy Picked UP – Like I said things got slower, work took a back seat because of tough rough pregnancy and then later birth of my boy. But I finally put my sh*t together and got back with work. And it was amazing the kind of response I got.

Work Setup – I have always fancied having a dedicated work space, and having to establish the setup in a restricted stretch it was wonderful to see that little arena come to life. It was a joy to just sit back in my chair and admire it sometimes, haha.

Visited My Family With Two Kids

I have had to de-plan because of my daughter once. She just went wild before taking off. As embarrassing as it was at that time, it makes me laugh now. So traveling with two kids was something my husband would never’]\ allow me to do, but as they say motherhood makes you a tougher person and I decided to take the dare and traveled 24+hours with two. And I literally pat myself for being such a sport or perhaps a daredevil (drama drama drama) lol. And people in my hometown still commend me for that haha. I know people travel with not just two but three or four kids. And it’s no biggie. But for me it was a HUGE deal of 2018 lol.

Went On A Camping Trip For the First Time EVER!

I remember during our four year long, long-distance courtship, my then fiancé and now husband went for camping every year. So I had always dreamt of going on one ever since. And in our 7 year long marriage this was the first time we went on a camping trip and it was an experience. The wilderness of the space, the clear blue skys, the slippery hike with baby in a carrier and then finally BBQ at night to looking at planets through telescope it was all fun and games. Until we had to sleep in a tent (red alarm beep) that made me a not so huge fan of camping. I’m a creature of habit and I need the comfort of my home when I go to sleep. Especially when I have to sandwich myself between my two little crazies.

Finally Upgrading My Phone And Laptop

Even though I had no issues with my iPhone6 my husband was insistent on upgrading my phone and so I finally upgraded. But what I really and desperately wanted to upgrade was my 10 year old MacBook, I had (well I still do have) with the white unibody if any of you remember that model. I absolutely adored it. But my online work suffered and I was bored to be honest too, because that bad boy is still fresh as new. So I finally upgraded to a new MacBook Pro touch bar (say what) Yay! That was the only perk of relocating (coming to that in a bit).

Got A Luxury Handbag

Well this might sound as materialist and shady as it may be, but the beginning of the year I thought and made a resolution that by end of 2018 I would at-least have one luxury item, never did I know I would end up with four. Got myself a Gucci Marmont mini Bag, Gucci Marmont belt and card hold and finally LV mini pochette. There are few more things on my radar but that seems like a farfetched dream now, since I’m literally bankrupt now, not really, really but you know what I mean. LOL.

Went On A Family Vacation To Spain

The last I remember I went on a vacation with my parent was to LA and Las Vegas in 2014 and after that this was our time together. Even though it was a phenomal trip but 20 days with not just my parent but with two kids was tiring as beep 😉 Here are few places where you can find the glimpse of our trip

Relocating Back To India

This was the hardest move of my life I would have to admit. I’m hoping my husband never reads this part, like never. Because he would be so upset. But winding up within a time span of 2 weeks with two kids and a house of 3 years is not easy. But sometimes in life you need to take that leap of faith which for us was for my husband to take up a great working opportunity. For me that meant leaving behind everything that I had worked for so hard, writing goodbye emails to companies and closing my etsy. It still upsets me to think about it all. But who knows there is something even bigger and better waiting, it better should. But most of all it has been a hard coping up for my daughter, a complete cultural and academic shift for her. But its so fascinating to see how adaptable and fluid kids are, how easily they transit into a new place and the way they learn and pick up things is phenomenal to watch. Overall, it has been a daunting change but I can’t complain much looking back at all the wonderful things the year has given us

But you know one bad experience and that too at the end of year, makes you forget all the good that happened, and this is exactly what happened while writing this post. It made me realized how truly wonderful the year had unfolded itself, leading upto a major move that ruined* everything. Still I feel so grateful for the the amazing things that came our way. *Actually to say it ruined everything would be wrong and absolutely unfair as I do get to spend some wonderful time with my family after years.

Onto 2019 hoping and praying for more stability and place where we can call it a home. And to something spectacular that unfolds through the course of time. And wishing you all everything that your sweet little heart deserves and desire. Happy New Year!

Cheers Xo ~


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