Spain Travel Diary

Using every mode of transportation from airplanes, trains, buses, taxis and covering almost six cities has been the most exhilarating, astonishing and a bit tiring to be completely honest. Six people, six cities and three long weeks. From Barcelona to Valencia to Seville to Cordoba to Granada to Malaga and then back to Barcelona we tried to cover as much as we could with two kids. One being super clingy and insisted on being carried around in my arms and the other one wanted to be the photographer for every picture that was being taken. From rich culture to beautiful architecture and great transportation the country had us in awe. 

“Longer the vacation, longer the longing for home”

Huzefa Shah

has to be my absolute favorite, from, out of all the cities we travelled. Of course I can’t miss Barcelona but Sevilla was just magical. And almost anyone who visits there would tell you to visit the Alcazar and Plaza de España. The two absolutely breathtakingly beautiful places. 


From gazing at the details on the ceilings with open mouth to soaking in every detail of the pretty tiles hugging the walls. From the magnanimous La Sagrada Familia to the enchanting Alhambra. From breathlessly making up to see Park Güell to walking down without seeing the park because we were too exhausted and scared to walk any further.  From the quaint  little streets to the aesthetically pleasing windows and doors, we experienced every sense of the cities. Walking around as much as we could, instead of taking any mode of transportation, we felt a part of the everyday Spanish life. To add to that feeling an occassional “Si Si” to questions thrown at us by the polite locals almost made us masters of the local language.   

The beauty about walking and exploring a city is completely different, we were lucky to get airbnb in the heart of the cities from where almost all the touristy spots were just a few miles/ blocks away. And it felt like we uncovered every inch of the city.

This post would be totally incomplete without mentioning ‘the Siesta’. It was during those wee hours of the afternoon when you would expect to see a whole lot of people out on the streets, the hustle bustle in the markets. But instead there was quietness absolute still in the quietness. It felt as if there was a curfew of some sort even birds went into their slumber. That’s when my brother explained the importance of siesta an afternoon nap because people in Spain are super chilled out and take their forty winks pretty seriously. Well looking at this tradition I can say that, you sure know how to live, but the Spanish knows better 😉

Quick Travel Tips:

 i) Rent apartments in the heart of the city to experience the feel of that place plus it is a great economical luxury I would say. Since you can feel home away from home.

ii) ALWAYS book your tickets to monuments in advance to avoid qeues and the occasional ‘sold out’ days.   

Which is your favorite holiday destination you ever visited?



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