Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Full Coverage Concealer

Don’t go dancing in the rain with a full face on, unless that’s the kind of thing you enjoy, then be assured this concealer is not ditching you while you enjoy your play. It’s completely waterproof and matte.

The new Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Full Coverage Concealer is not only waterproof, it’s flat out matte with super high coverage. Consider Tarte shape and tape with a bit more thinner consistency and drier finish. It’s soft, it’s fluffy but its definitely nothing like the Naked concealer which is more hydrating and perfect for under-eye.

Why it’s Awesome to use everywhere except under-eyes?

Well, the answer is obvious, it’s extremely matte! And unless you have oily eyelids and under-eye area, this will definitely enhance your fine lines. Since this is quite matte it doesn’t reflect any light and thus making it look a bit flat underneath the eye. However if you are younger and hydrate the eye area well before using this concealer then you can totally get away with this as an under-eye concealer, with an added advantage of skipping the powders all together.

Though this is perfect to use anywhere else on the face, specially if you have any scaring and freckles. The crazy high coverage formula will ensure and conceal the flaws and give you a perfected base.

I love how I can mix this in with my favorite moisturizer for a quick flawless base. Just a little rub a dub dub with the fingers all over the face and you my friend are set for the day, with no fear of budging, smudging or smearing.


Who Would It Work For ?

I think anyone living in extreme hot places, this would be your best friend. Or anyone with extremely oily skin this would work great too.

And if you love a long lasting, full coverage base then mixing this up with oils or thick moisturizers would be a great solution too.

Lastly, for anyone with extremely oily eye lids this would work amazing as an eye primer.


Warning :

Keep your favorite oil base makeup remover handy, cause this bad boy really needs something to break it down! It’s that budge proof!


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