Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham Collection

Hello beautiful faces. I have been such a slacker when it comes to blogging and also in general keeping up with my instagram. Thanks to my varying health issue. I guess that’s what pregnancy does for you, haha! Yes you heard me. It’s been a crazy whirlwind of ugly uncomfortable days. But its getting better by the day, or at-least I’m hoping so. And right when I was trying to get my mojo back for blogging, a delivery like this one from Estee Lauder* came in as the ultimate power boaster.


Well that being said when this collection made its round into the beauty world last year, I couldn’t get my hand on it. And when I finally thought of splurging everything was sold out. But luckily this year I finally managed to get my hands on few bits. And if there is one thing that I can totally vouch for this collection is, that it is soaked in pure luxury – from packaging to pricing. It’s one of those precious kind of packaging that you would want to pull out of your bag just to flaunt it.  That being said here are few bit from the collection that I have and my few scents to throw on it 😉

Victoria Beckham Highlighter in Modern Mercury : It is a gorgeous warm toned rose gold highlighter. With incredibly silky smooth texture, that didn’t kick off when I swirled my brush onto this stunning pan. It adds a stunning metallic sheen to the cheek bones and can easily be worn as a blush topper because of it lovely pink-rose gold tones. And if you are a highlighter fanatic like me than this is your best bet.

Eye Kajal In Java Vanille* : If you love your pencil eye liner and kajal’s and an intense smokey eye, then this will blow your mind. It is a double ended soft, creamy goodness of coffee color and an eye opening nude for a sexy smudgy look. Okay, this would be my number one splurge, from the range and I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on the other two shades if not both of them then atleast the Saphir one.

Eye Matte Duo In Bleu Electrique Nude* : It is a nice matte eye shadow duo, if you love a nice pop of color on the eyelid, this blue is a stunning shade. However for the price it is definitely not the bestest of the quality. There are so many better eyeshadow palettes out there with way more color options that would beat this one any given day. Definitely not worth splurging on in my opinion.

Cheek Creme In Blonde Mink* : It is a pretty lightweight cream blush that adds a dewy flush to the face. The color is absolutely stunning for a beautiful sun-kissed glow. Being a sucker for cream blushes I’m quite loving this one and feel it will specially make a good choice  of color for fall and winter.  But $60 for just a cream blush, well that’s the point I’m still debating.

Skin Perfecting Powder* : Alright, even before we start on this one, lets just take a second to stare at the packaging. Literally when I opened the box I totally gasped! It’s that absolutely luxe gold packaging that I was talking about, the kinds you would just want to pull it out of your bag to flaunt it. Now onto the actual product, its a lovely finely milled sheer translucent powder that creates an airbrush finish. It’s a comfortably light weight product with practically no kickoff or any crazy build up through out the day and it layers well without caking up or looking funky. Definitely great for setting under eye concealer.

These are the few things from the range I own, and have my heart stuck on the eye foil in blonde gold, maybe there will be an update soon on this post!

(Left to right : Modern Mercury, Blonde Mink Cream Blush, Eyeshadow duo in Bleu Electrique, Kajal Pencil in Java Nude)

Now I’d love to know what are the products you have your eyeballs stuck on?


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