Becca x Christty Teigen Glow Face Palette Review And Swatches

Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

When is comes to highlighters the one brand that has totally nailed its formula is Becca. Despite being on the pricer side, they are definitely worth the investing. And more so, when Becca comes out with collaborative palettes. I feel they become even more justifiable, since you get a lot more worth of product for a much reasonable price (if you compared to just buying one pan of highlighter).

That being said, when the whole Chrissy X Becca Palette were making the rounds on the insta world I knew it was something I would totally love. If you are someone who loves warm, peachier, pink-corals then you would absolutely enjoy this one.

It comes in a beautiful peachy pink packaging, containing four products : two highlighters, one bronzer and one blush. Summing up to a total worth of 75$ which is retailing only for 46$, so that makes this palette a lovely bargain. However, the Rose Gold highlighter is not an exclusive shade in this palette(like the rest of the three), as it is a repeat from their permanently line.


This is a beautiful copper warm undertone highlighter with sparkly metallic sheen. And like Becca products the texture is smooth, but not as pigmented and creamy as the rest of the highlighters from the permanent range. But it blends seamlessly on the cheek giving a strong metallic sheen. Perfect for warm summer-y nights.


Alright I’m kind of obsessed with this shade and it was my trigger to buy this palette. It is a stunning medium pink with warm undertones and golden pearl. The blush gave a gorgeous glow, but didn’t have enough shimmer that layering a highlighter on top would make it look over glittery or shimmery. Just a pretty flush of pink on the cheeks.


A nice medium brown with warm undertones. When I first looked at it in the palette I saw shimmer and I thought, waoh!! But it is more of a satin finish than a shot of shimmer on the face.  However, I felt the texture of this powder was a bit firm and wasn’t as creamy as the rest of them.


A soft peachy goodness with metallic finish. And because of the metallic finish I felt it can emphasis any problematic area if applied with heavy hand. It’s easier to build up the shade than going in for a strong beaming look with this highlighter, especially if you have larger pores. None-the-less it is a pretty shade.

(Left-right : Rose gold, Hibiscus bloom, Malibu Soleil, Beach Nectar)

All over the quality of this palette is not compromised for the price. I love how they have stayed true to their amazing formula, with a little bit variation here and there.  Packaged in a gorgeous case, with beautiful colors for summer. I think it’s an ideal palette for warmer, medium skin tones, as it might be a little loud for paler skin gals (unless you can work your way around), I think its a wonderful palette and would even make a lovely gift for any fellow #makeupjunkie


That being said I’m giving away one of these palettes, very very soon in collaboration with my fav blogger and girl. So make sure you follow me on instagram (and you turn on the post notifications so you don’t miss out on this #GIVEAWAY), and also here on Bloglovin’ to keep updated with all the posts and a lot more Giveaways.




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