The Best Under-eye Concealer Line Up

Best Concealers for underlies

Are you constantly searching for that one concealer that does it for you?

Trust me I have had my share of testing and trying out so many concealers over my under-eye circle suffering life time, that I can totally vouch for some of the great ones out there in the market.
And I feel it’s such a fulfilling feeling that how just covering up the under-eye circles can instantly lift up your complexion, and can give you a well rested face. It can help cheat a “full-face” done look, when you clearly just covered up those under-eye bags.

With the market over flowing with products, these are some of my all time favorite concealers to cover those bad boys up.

Urban Decay Naked Concealer : This is a fantastic under eye concealer. I love how light weight the formula is and yet can cover up pretty decently without creasing or drying. It isn’t a full coverage concealer, but can be easily build up to a medium coverage without feeling cakey. The consistency is not too thin nor too thick which makes it perfect to blend in without a time crunch or using up a lot of time for blending. This is definitely one of my holy grail status concealers in my collection.

Estee Lauder Double-wear waterproof concealer* : Now I have already raved enough about this concealer here on the blog. And it has made its fair share of rounds in monthly favorites and whats in my makeup bag. And recently I did dedicate an entire post talking about this concealer. So I won’t go in lengths talking about it again. But I would say if you haven’t tried this concealer then you should probably give this a whirl, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Tarte Shape and tape : This one has been creating a lot of buzz around the beauty world lately so I had to give this one a go. For starters I do love the big wand that it comes with, which makes the applicator pick a good amount of product in the first go and hence doesn’t require the back and forth dipping into the tube. Though I’d have to say be careful and don’t poke yourself in the eye (ouch). This is one of those bad ass full coverage concealer, which doesn’t have the average thin consistency. It’s pretty thick and sets pretty soon as compared to the above two mentioned concealers. I do find that this dries matt so doesn’t require setting with a powder. Unless if you have oily under-eye area then you can try setting it. But for me it saves me an extra step of setting since I do have pretty dry skin. Application wise what works best for me is using a beauty blending as it helps blending the product quickly and evenly. And above all what I absolutely love about this concealer is despite being a matte concealer it doesn’t settle or enhances my fine lines.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer : Even though my relation with this concealer started off with more of a love hate feeling. But I did eventually ended up lovin it. I feel it is a great concealer specially when it comes to highlighting the eye area. I love the consistency which is quite creamy and easy to work with. And the fact that they have a phenomenal color range, makes them a total crowd pleaser.

MAC Pro Longwear concealer : I remember this being my very first full coverage concealer. Which did last for good 8+ hours without creasing. Despite the liquid consistency, it does set pretty quickly with a natural matte finish. And because of the thin yet creamy consistency even after layering this product it doesn’t crease or budge once it sets. The medium to full coverage ability of this concealer makes it ideal of under eye circles and even blemishes.

Kevyn Aucoin Skin Enhancer : No blog post or a video would be complete if we didn’t talk about this concealer. I feel it’s the king of concealers and is such a versatile product. Despite the ridiculous prize tag you really do get your money’s worth. It’s the full’est’ coverage concealer in the market that I have ever used. Only a tiny dot would literally cover the entire eye. It’s so highly pigmented that you can even skip using a color corrector and this would just do the job pristinely. And the best way I like to apply is patted around the eye area using my ring finger and once it is semi blending I like to go over it with a stippling brush and I feel that gives me the best results.

Hope this was helpful, if you are looking out for a good concealer. And if you have any recommendations please do let me know, since I love trying out concealers.

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