Pür Twelve Shades Of Fabulous || Review

Pur cosmetics Liquid lipsticks

A girl can never have enough lipsticks. That being said when I received this package I was super excited a) for obvious reason more lipsticks, b) the packaging is stunning and c) There is a mix of both mattes and glosses plus a lip liner. And with these new velvet mattes and chrome glaze, I feel, Pür cosmetics is ready to step up their lip product game.

There are in total ten shades in the Velvet matte range, six in the chrome glaze range and also six shades of on point lip liner.

Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks*(Retails for – $18) :

Like the name says it, it’s not your typical dry matte lipstick formula. It has more of a mousse texture, which is ultra smooth and glides on like a butter. It is a creamy, high pigmented formula, that is super comfortable to wear, and reminds me a lot about the Jouer liquid lip creme which is my all time favorite lip creme formula. However, I have to say these do take a bit to dry down, and despite drying unlike the other matte liquid lipsticks which completely glue to your lips and don’t budget. This doesn’t do that. And thats the reason why they don’t dry out your lips at all. Which is always a plus point when it comes to matte lipsticks. Also, I would have to say, they do last you a long while with all the eating and drinking, but they do transfer a tad bite. But for me that’s okay, until its lasting on my lips without drying them out. So these are definitely a must try if you are fan of liquid lipsticks.

(left – right : Oh Bae, FBF, obsessed, ever after, addiction, dutty wine)

Chrome Glaze* (Retails for – $18) :

These are well pigmented lip-glosses I have to say. With three non shimmery and three shimmery shades. The formula of these glosses leans a bit more towards the thicker, sticker side. But the good side is they are not gloppy or tacky by any means. The non shimmery lip glosses are my favorite out of the two variety of these. Since I found the shimmery ones after wearing off left a lot of sparkle on the lips, which I’m not at all a fan of. And even in general I have never been drawn towards a shimmery gloss.

(left- right : heart breaker, DIY, smarty pants, squad, arm candy, rebel)

Overall, I’m really enjoying these lip products from Pür. FBF, Ever after and Oh Bae are some of the shades I can’t stop reaching for. Also I love laying smarty pants over FBF and Oh Bae, even though I feel it is a pretty color to wear on its own. I would totally recommend trying out the Velvet Matte range since I loved the fact that they are a beautiful non-drying formula.

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