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Well, where do I even begin with, I know I have been a little slow here on the blogosphere. And that’s because I have not been, or I should probably say ‘we’ are not keeping well. It’s like one of us is sick, and then the other one catches it and then it passes on to the next one in the house. And by the time it starts to look like we all have come out of the “sick-ness” phase, bam it comes back  and the vicious cycle is never ending, phew!

And another reason is, I have been planing and writing up posts for the time we will be gone. And I don’t want any weird quietness surrounding this space. So with all the planning and writing I forget to post, silly me! But February just swung by and I’m quite glad it did actually. Because I have been desperately waiting for March and our travel to our home country, YAY! Thank god its home time. So with all that ramble here are few skincare and beauty favorites for the month of February.


I love keeping my skincare routine relatively simple and I have been loving Nuxe Micellar cleansing water* for my morning cleanse. Specially when I don’t feel like washing my face with a cleanser, this comes in handy. As it is infused with rose petals, so I find it quite a refreshing and hydrating wake up call for the skin. Another cleanser that I have been absolutely loving is the Pur-lisse blue lotus 4-in-1 cleansing milk*. Now I have to say more than serums and creams, face cleanser is the product that I have to be mindful off. As they tend to dry my skin or sometimes break me out. Even the milk cleansers end up causing dry patches on my skin. But this purlisse cleanser is the best milk cleanser that I have discovered. It takes the makeup off easily, cleans up the face without leaving any oily residue and yet leaves the skin feeling hydrated.

For keeping my skin hydrated, I’m back to using my rosehip oil, and there is nothing better than the Trilogy rose hip oil*. If you have been following me for a long time then you probably might have heard me talk about this. But it’s seriously the best moisturizer for the face. And layered on top of a serum that has Vit C, is the best way you can nourish your skin. Another moisturizer that I’m that has come in handy, is the 100% Organic Shea Butter, it’s amazing for curing under-eye circles and for healing dry/scratch-y, cold suffering skin.

For treating and pampering my skin, I love double masking, it’s convenient, doesn’t take up a lot of time and yet is super effective. And the two mask that I’m completely obsessed with are from the brand complex/beauty. I love applying that the rose glow mask* first which is the glycolic mask and I have always noticed, products with glycolic acid works wonders for my skin. Followed by the smooth operator mask* which is an anti-oxidant mask. And voila, I have my skin looking as fresh as new. Well at-least thats what I’d like to think 😉


Keeping up with my “simple routine”, I usually begin with covering up my under-eye circles, and I’m still hooked onto Tarte shape and tape concealer. But for mascara I’m loving the new YSL The shock mascara. It’s surprising that I haven’t tried any YSL mascara’s till now, even after such a big hype surrounding them. But like it’s said better late than never, I’m loving YSL the shock mascara and it reminds me a lot about the Too Faced better than sex mascara, specially its wand. For blush I recently discovered the brand Claré Blanc, and I’m Ohhh-BSESSED with their mineral blush in lollipop*. It’s such a pretty pink, that adds a natural flush to the face, like you have been kissed by the cold winter air. And what I adore about this blush is it’s packaging. Unlike other mineral products that can surround you with the could of powder when you open up the container, this genius-ly packaged container has a twisty lid to cover up the opening, so there is no product wastage, when you unscrew the main lid.

For injecting glow to my face there are three products that I’m currently going bonkers over. And it’s the Burberry fresh glow luminous base and Mac Strobe cream (Gosh! I can’t believe, that  I didn’t get hold of this sooner), I use it all over my cheeks and a little bit on my nose and forehead, before applying my concealer. And the fantastic thing about these two products is that, they naturally illuminate the skin, without flooding your face with butt load of shimmer or glitter. And for the actual “highlight” I’m enjoying Trestique highlighter stick*. Firstly, its so convenient to use, specially when you are in a rush. And secondly it just adds the most beautiful wet looking glisten to the high points of your face.

For Lips, I’m trying to step out of my nude pout, but still keeping it subtle with Jouer petale de rose lip creme, I have to say it’s one of my favorite colors when I’m not in a mood for nude, yet don’t want to make a statement with my lipstick. It’s sits somewhere in between those extreme ends and makes up for the most gorgeous refreshing pink lip. And then sticking to my nude soul I can’t get enough of Burberry lip glow in Nutmeg (discontinued), it’s the prettiest gloss I own, like seriously. And it literally lives in my handbag. Another lipstick that I have been loving is the Pür velvet matte lipstick in FBF.

(left-right : trestique highlighter*, Clare Blanc lollipop*, Pür FBF*, Jouer Petate De Rose, Burberry Nutmeg lip glow)

Boo! Despite of thinking that I don’t have enough favorite bits to share, I did end up writing quite a lot. And clearly there weren’t just a few things. Also, if you didn’t catch up with my non beauty favorites, then, you can see it here.

So what have you been lovin’ lately, do let me know?

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