A New Look – Welcome To ABD!

It’s a Sunday evening, finally winding off from a weekend which was quite, mmm lovely. A Friday night with friends, Saturday was a movie marathon day (on a side note those were quite the kind of movies I would rarely go for, since I love more Rom com type movies. I feel movies are a way to escape from the really disturbing world (where we are living at the moment) to somewhere where you can enjoy a laugh, a little tickle of romance followed by a happily ever after. And once in a while I do enjoy a suspense thriller. But to combat that depressing movie vibe we did enjoy a couple of happy shows today i.e. Sunday). Alright, alright I know I went a little off track. But catching up with my lost train of thoughts, I want to welcome you to my new website. It’s the same name, same content but a new look and a new space . 

Wow, this feels so different and well exotic. I have been thinking of moving from Blogger to WordPress for quite sometime now. But never thought of putting things into action, until I was frustrated with designing the customized webspace for blogger as it is quite limiting. So finally I took the plunge contacted Pipdig and well the rest is history. I thought I would really miss logging into blogger and the usual uploading but hey, sorry blogger I’m in love with this whole new experience.

To continue with the new look/space, I do want to quickly mention that we did move our etsy store too. It’s still on etsy but some country payment issues so we had to create a new account. And now you can find all the digital prints, blogger templates under the name ArtDetourDesigns. So hoping that you’d come like my new store and help me build back my followership. Also, I’d highly appreciate, if you’d share what you love from my shop on pinterest, twitter, facebook and help promote my shop.

On that happy note, I’m excited to learn more about wordpress and see how things unfold. And if you have moved from blogger to wordpress too I’d love to hear your experience and thoughts. And if you are on WordPress what is your feedback?