Best Palettes Of 2016

best palettes of 2016

Hello, Hello, and welcome back! Well to start off, Happy New Year Guys.

Now I don’t know what has been putting me off to open up my laptop again and get back into swing of things. I think I’m still delusional with all the holiday fun and trip and still pretty much laid back. Despite trying to make resolutions and getting started with a banging start, I’m enjoying the snow and slow process of recovering. Well long story short this is my first official post of 2017 and I’m rather excited to share with you guys few of my favorites from 2016. And I’m breaking it down in few categories. Here’s my first one,  favorite palettes of the year.

Becca Champagne Glow Palette : Even though it was a limited edition palette. This has been by far the best purchase of the year. There are three beautiful blush shades and two highlighter one being my all time favorite highlighter Champagne pop. This is a darling palette and has travelled with me for our two trips that we made this past year.

anastasia modern renaissance

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette : This has been almost everyones favorite of the year, and that is perhaps for a certain reason. It is absolutely gorgeous. With warmer neutrals, orange browns and pop of berry/pinky reds, it is absolutely worth drooling over for. If you have a love affair for warm toned eye shades this is definitely worth snagging.

Tom Ford Honeymoon : After debating over this and Nude Dip I settled for this and have been absolutely loving for all the reasons from packaging to pigmentations to the color selection. It’s my pick me up palette when I’m having a dull day. A total winner despite the hefty price tag. For full swatches and review read this.

Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Multi-Palette* : From the entire bronze goddess collection this palette has been my clear favorite. And the reason for this is the beautiful highlighter shade. It’s the most gorgeous everyday highlight shade. I love the wet and an almost no glitter look this highlighter has. And it works beautifully with my skin tone.

Rodial Smokey Eye Sculpt Eyeshadow Palette* : Honestly I didn’t expect this palette to blow my mind away. I mean it is the same neutral eyeshadow palette every brand comes out with. But what blew me away was how buttery these eyeshadows are and so easy to work with. And a shimmery shade makes this palette so easy to transition into a night time look that you wouldn’t have to faff around carry another palette or a single shimmer eyeshadow shade for an eye look transition.

best of 2016 palettes


Hope you all had a wonderful year and wishing you a fantastic year ahead full of happiness, love, laughter and success. And clearly these have been my most used 2016 palettes, now I’d love to know what you have been loving from the past year. And what your resolutions for this year are??

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