DIY Stocking Gift Bag || #blogmas Day 5

Diy stocking gift bag

Holiday season brings in a lot of excitement, color, glitter, glamor and gifts. And so does the task of gift wrapping. If you are someone who loves crafty things then gift wrapping doesn’t seems like a chore, rather it is a fun activity that triggers your creative side.
Well I love art and crafts basically anything creative can get me distracted easily. So I thought of making my own gift bags, tags and ornaments this festive season. And this gift bag that I’m about to show you (well you already saw it before reading this but hey),  is a two in one product. You can either use it to give gifts or you can hang it over the fire place as a decorative stocking, whichever way you use it, it is a fantastic little project that you can indulge into or enjoy with your kids.

So here’s what you’ll need :

DIY gift bag

Few Card Stocks (Preferred colors Red, green and white – but you can use which ever color that you fancy).
Pair of scissors
Single hole punch
Ribbons and Bakers twine

Optional :

Silhouette Portrait Machine (a crafters best friend)

Method : 

DIY Holiday gift bag

I took the silhouette image of stocking and tweaked it a little on illustrator, here’s the image if you fancy doing this DIY. And cut it using silhouette  portrait machine on two sheets. If you don’t have that, you can simple print the image on the desired color card stock and fuzzy cut it.

Then align the two exact same pieces together on top of each other and punch holes around the perimeter of the sock.

Sow the ribbon through the holes (making sure to keep the ribbon lose, so you have enough room to slide in your present) and you are almost done.

Now all you got to do is decorate it which ever way you like and add the holder string. And tadaaa you have a super cute personalized gift bag/stocking decorator.

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