Before We Say Goodbye To 2016 || #blogmas day 8

Things to do this holiday season

I remember time moving at the speed of a snail when I was in school. I would look at my watch and think almost an hour has passed only to realize its been freaking five minutes since I last looked at it. That was the mayhem the clocks caused back then. And today, it feels like its been only a few minutes since I started writing a new blogpost, and look up to find the entire evening has passed by. Let alone how amazed I feel when the entire year just slips by and you realize how you were charged up 11 months back for a new start. And all you look back at, is, the usual redundant life you have been living for the past year, Again!

So before these last 10 days  brings us to the new start lets celebrate what we have achieved, ponder over what could have made our lives better and give back a little. Since we are moving towards such inhumane times #Aleppo.

Donate And Give A Little : Even though you might cry over little materialistic things, for not having the perfect pout and the best instagram feed. Look around the world and see when people don’t even have filtered water to drink, let alone a roof over their head. When people are mercilessly being killed and all we do is sit and obsess over Kardashians. The beauty about this festive season is all the merriness that surrounds us, the joyful spirits of spoiling our loved one. But instead of giving and getting back, lets make an effort to spread the joy along those people who are suffering and bring a little smile on their face.  That’s the true and fulfilling joy of Christmas/giving.

Finding the Christmas spirit

Give Up On Old Grudges : Instead of swallowing yourself up with grudges and negativity which can root out feelings of resentment, bitterness and vengeance, let go of it. Make peace with people whom you trust, betrayed you or hurt you. Even though you are not ready to include them back in your life, forgive them and move on.  Let go of the past and clear up your inner space with positive feelings for a better and brighter start of a new year. 

“You’ll begin to heal when you let go of past hurts and forgive those who have wronged you” – Iman Ali

Clean Up And Declutter : Be it your mind, home or digital space. Every once in a while it’s important to take care of all the mess that surrounds us, and just organize a little. And see the magic of clean space and mind.

Digital Detox : We have literally become slaves of digital world. There is not a single moment that’s not revolving around mobile phones, computers, dictaphones, digital diaries, kindle, cameras, smart watch you name it and we have everything at the tip of our thumb. We are prisoned by a monster called digital media. So why not spend these last few days of twenty sixteen the old school way. Spend quality time with our families without worrying about checking our phones and taking selfies. Instead of catching up with our friends on phone, why not spend a little extra time with who’s sitting next to us on the couch? And how about laughing a little extra, without the worrying about capturing the moment and just cherish it in our minds.

It’s good to plan ahead, capture beautiful moments, but the spirit of ecstasy is in the moment you have. This age, this time, this moment it all calls for your attention. So before resolutions live the present and the moment will have you in its memory forever. Slow down and relax, enjoy the company of your loved ones. Happy Holidays, Xx.


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