So are we all geared up for Christmas? As much as the whole festive season excites me, the thought of celebrating my blog around the same time becomes even more sweeter. It’s been two years when I gave up on the fear of being accepted or not, mocked or not and just took the plunge and wrote my very first blogpost (which I’m super embarrassed about). And without realizing we spun around two whole blogging years and didn’t celebrate the first one – duhhh!! (I thought I did though). But this year I really wanted to celebrate this space which has given me a sense of accomplishment, it’s been my little creative outlet and nothing less than a liberator.

Blogging has made me realize that even those people I looked up to as ‘perfect’ when opened up had weird insecurities about them. Insecurities regarding the way they looked, the way they performed, insecurity about being unaccomplished, dealing with anxiety and all sorts of things. Which is quite devastating to learn about people whom you looked up to and admire so much. And that’s what made me realize life is not instagram perfect. We all have our days and it gets a little better if you get to share it with someone who can either agree with you and feel you or perhaps if you could help someone with your experience.

And this past year, has been a terrific blogging year. I got to work with a lot of luxury brands, discovered new awesome blogs, made friends with few amazing girls out here. Shared some blogging  posts that were very well accepted and appreciated. Overall it comes down to each one of YOU, without you there is no anchor for my work! Without your kind words and appreciation there is no motivation. Without you coming and increasing my blog traffic there is no company ready to recognize me. So every single one of you has made such a huge impact on an introvert like me. You gave me the confidence to come out as myself and you accepted me graciously. You let me be lazy and still came back, and gave this space a whole lot more positivity and continuity. So I just wanted to thank each one of you for your scintillating support towards me and my blog. And as a way to show my gratitude I will be hosting three giveaways during the course of #TwelveDaysToChristams, yay!! I have planned to blog every other day until christmas to spice things up, since I have been a little distracted over the past month. And I hope it turns out to be a success. 


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Also, I quickly wanted to mention there will be a few changes during this course of time. A few more lifestyle posts, maybe a few fashion posts, some DIY’s, Toddler outfit posts and little bit of motherhood. And yes maybe a complete blog layout makeover. So make sure you follow me on my various social media platforms to help me decide certain things, few sneak peeks and a lot more of behind the scenes drama. 

So without any further a do, here’s the first GIVEAWAY of the #twelvedaystochristmas aka blogmas.


Marc jacobs Airblush giveaway

Marc Jacobs AirBlush in Lush & Libido

Two Prints From my Etsy Store
Hm Mug With Metallic Print

Plus Few Stationery goodies.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends on 10th Dec. So don’t forget to enter and good luck. 

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