How To Be A Not So Primitive Blogger

how not to be a basic blogger

Despite of thinking and wanting to stand out of the crowd, we often find ourselves caught up in the midst of the latest trends. Be it that, ‘it’ marble background or the  same Givency bag that every fashion blogger has been carrying around. 

Of-course there is no harm in being caught up and enjoying whats on trend, but hanging in that same place without spicing it up every now and then can become mundane and oh-so-ordinary for your readers and even less motivating for you as a blogger. So what is that, that makes people come to your blog or instagram and hit the like, subscribe button?

I know for sure, there are few blogs that I like to go back again and again to. Be it for some inspiration, and little pep talk or to just admire the photography.

So Here’s What You’ll Need For Not Being That Regular Blogger :

– Finding your voice/style

– Motivation For Being Consistent

– Being Present

– The Magic Of Creativity

– And The Nerve To Try Something New

how to be a successful blogger

Dare To Speak Out Your Mind :

I know we all feel a bit like no way, shutup!! I had that idea in my mind and I was going to write almost an exact post, when we see someone else talking about the topics we had in our mind. Well, the bad news is, its already spoken about now but on the other hand it is a wake up call for you to put your thoughts into action before its too late. That being said, the good news here is, you get to think out of the box and reach out to people with something more meaningful, vibrant and full of personality.

“Don’t go where the path may lead you, instead leave a trail behind where there is no path”

Yet, if you feel strong about certain topics that have already been spoken about a bunch of other times, then punch up your content with your own style — elaborate it with illustration of imagery, a dash of humor, a sprinkle of drama and a handful of extra information with personal experience – is all it takes to connect with your audience at a ground level. And if you are true to yourself,
your work, your thoughts and your words. Your intellect and creativity
will shine through your work aka posts. So don’t change yourself to fit
into other peoples expectations – if you are not a chic minimalist
types, then don’t be.

Finding Motivation :

Now there are people who are full of energy and consistent in their work, to say the least they are the go getter types. And there are people like me who have all the ideas, know exactly what they want, but are sheer procrastinators. So what is that, that saves you from those oh nooo moments? (*covers the mouth from side and speaks in a low tone* And to be completely honest I have a lot of those moments to hold onto.)

The one thing that I can speak for myself, that keeps me going/motivated, is a sense of healthy competition. Nothing like that makes me compare or complacent or jealous, but something that pushes me off of my couch and gets me going. A little self talk every now and then is always important, as nothing touches your soul deeper than your own inner voice (it’s the closest thing to your soul, you know). Just a little phrase “like “you can do it” or “hustle” can catalyze the energy in the right direction. So fill up your work space with inspirational art work, phrases or quotes whatever that gives you a positive kick.

Being Present, Persistent and Patient :

Its the “P cube rule” that I like to call. This is the rule that makes you successful in any sphere of life. Be it being a successful blogger, vlogger, businessman or an artist/teacher IT professional, dancer – you get it, any profession or being just a mother.

Being present in the moment, is the mother of unconventional ideas. As it makes you more mindful of the things around you. It makes you appreciate the things that you over looked and gives you the ability to make something basic look extra-ordinary. Delve into the aroma of present – and the more you start paying attention, the more you start noticing, the more you start noticing the more you become empathetically creative.

And if being present is the mother of unconventional ideas, then being persistent is your master key to unlock all the doors of opportunity.

“Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who’s there” – Rumi

This sums up the value of preaching your passion on a daily basis, perfectly.

But what’s persistence without patience? Patience is the mastermind behind successful stories. No one becomes a sensation overnight.
There are times when your work will go unnoticed, but its nothing more than a step closer to hitting the bulls eye. Once you hit the target the rest of the arrows will follow.  So keep the three essential in your mind and I hope you soon get hit by that ray of sunshine, in this case me too 😉

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Photography :

I know I sound like a broken record. But a blog post without exquisite illustration, is like fall without its colorful trees – bummer! There is something about good photography. The ambiance it creates to click on the blogpost and stay there staring at the sheer beauty of the stills is something else. Half of the joy visiting beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs are the fantastic imagery the blogger has to offer. The thing that makes you keep coming back for your daily dose of anchor  or maybe for inspiration. Either way it makes your url worth remembering. I know there are so many blogs in the same vein these days (which I’ll admit, I’m totally guilty off too), that it sometimes makes you yawn. So a little twist and a different style can be like a breath of fresh air and stray you away from the crowd.

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 So what is that, that makes you bookmark a blog or hit the subscribe button?

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