Worth The Splurge? – Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen In Deeper (Review)

Tom Ford eye defining pen - Review

If you are someone who hates to spend ridiculous amount of money on an eyeliner, then you probably might want to skip out of this post, right now. Yes I’m talking about an eye-wateringly expensive eye liner – Tom Ford eye defining pen in Deeper (a whooping $56).

Best eyeliner

I know it’s crazy to look past the price point but if you do then, for one  it’s a classic mahogany shiny  TF packaging that is plain beautiful, and the weight of the pen is just right to balance it and get a perfect eyeliner on ‘fleek’. The duo ended nibs with longer nib on one end for a fuller application and a short nib for your precision cat eye is genius. I love how you can control your application for a perfect flick every-time you apply your eyeliner, it’s just so satisfying. And the fact that it is a rich black, that stays put without smudging or melting off your face makes it a holy grail status product. Which sucks because of the price point. 

Felt tip end of Tom Ford Eye defining pen

Regardless of the length and style of the brush tips both provide a smooth application. Which glides on effortlessly, without tugging the skin. Love the fact that it doesn’t require shaking before use, and the application is opaque, saturated and even every single time you open up this bad boy.

Having said that, eyeliner is a staple when it comes to makeup, I have tried everything from drugstore to high end. Yet haven’t loved one as much as I love this one. Even though I ridicule myself over loving something that is atrociously expensive, I just can’t look over the fact that how amazing it is. It truly is cream of the crop. And I would highly recommend giving this a whirl if you are an eyeliner fanatic like me. Pinky promise it’s totally worth it. 

Tom Ford eyeliner

Which is your favorite eyeliner, lovelies?

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