Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette || Review and Swatches

urban decay full spectrum palette

Urban Decay full spectrum palette, a limited holiday edition palette, which will be retailing for $55. Is launching on 26th of October at Urban Decay, followed by that it will be retailed in the other stores.

Now I was completely baffled when I received a package from UD. I mean it completely blew my mind, since it was something out of the blue and I never received an email confirming that I have been added to their database (I had filed out their blogger collaboration form months ago, and hence it was delivered to my previous address). Anywho, fast forwarding to a past couple of days when I got this. 

Since Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands, (and I absolutely love their concealer, the original naked palette and their Naked flushed palette, you get it), so you can well anticipate my level of excitement.

Full Spectrum Palette UD

When I opened the box I was mesmerized by the packaging, the edgy black lid with rainbow colored UD logo. I mean it was hypnotizing. But, but oh but when I opened up the lid, things kind of changed. It was beyond too colorful for my liking. You see I’m more like an au naturale, when it comes to makeup choice, especially eyeshadows. However having said that I love the shades in the first row of the palette something, that I can actually use. Specially the shade alchemy, warning, and midnight blaze. 

UD limited edition palette

Onto the pigmentation, to be completely honest, it doesn’t really meet the Urban Decay level of standards if you have used some of their other eyeshadows. There is inconsistency running between shades, some are a bit sheer, some a bit powdery and a some better than the other. And if you are looking for  that vibrant opaque pay off than you might be a bit disappointed. As for me it works well since I like things a little muted on the eyes. 

Top row full spectrum palette swatches (Row 1 – Left to right :Alchemy, warning, midnight blaze, Hundred, Minx, Delirious, Platonic)

Row 2 full spectrum palette swatches (Row 2 – Left to right : Gossip, Seize, Calavera, Hater, Blindsided, Sketch, Iced)

row 3 full spectrum palette ( Row 3 – Left to right : Paranoia, Jones, Goldmine, Mean, Metamorphosis, Faded, Bump)

Overall : I feel, it’s an okay palette. Nothing that got me super excited but if you love colors and looking for a medium payoff which is buildable, then you can consider this. But if I would have swatched this in stores, I would certainly pass on this one.

 So what are your thoughts on this one?


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