How To Grow Your Hair Faster || Tips For Growing Longer Hair.

How to grow hair longer and faster

So you want to grow your hair longer and faster?

I know how frustrating it can be when it comes to growing your hair. I have struggled for years and never had the patience to grow my hair. Every time it would reach a certain length I would give into the temptation of having shorter hair and chop them off. Or sometime as luck would have it a bad hair dresser who thinks he knows it all, would end up cutting more than you anticipate. Either way, one bad decision can leave you upset and frustrated.

But finally after years of lusting over long hair I can rejoice over my hair length now. And here are few things that have certainly helped in growing out healthy, split end free hair. 


Chia seeds benefits

Ofcourse, this plays an important role in our over all health. And I was certainly mindful of few things when I decided to take care of my hair. The first thing that I feel has been a huge contributor in my “hair care routine” (as you can call it), are Chia Seeds. I have been including them in my diet for over a year now, and I can totally vouch for the[ fact that, they have been super beneficial. They are said to be an excellent source of plant based protein. And protein is essential for healthy hair growth. Also Chia seeds are said to be a rich source of ALA (alpha- linolenic acid a type of Omega-3, that has many health benefits). 

Another thing that I have been super sensible about is making sure I keep my self well hydrated. Since I have been extremely careless about drinking enough water in the past. 


Apart from few dietary changes, there are some things I have changed in my hair care routine. Nothing vigorous or extreme, but little changes have certainly made a huge difference. I was the kind of person who would wash her hair daily. Even though my mum can totally get away with washing her hair daily since she has extremely fine hair and oily scalp, washing it daily is the only way she can combat her greasy hair situation without cause it any damage. But for me it didn’t work very well, since it started to stripe down the natural moisture from my hair causing crazy split ends. So washing hair twice or thrice a week is something that works wonderfully well for me. 

Also, I make sure I oil my hair a night before or at-least an hour before washing, as it conditions them thoroughly. And I don’t have to use a conditioner afterwards. I feel using conditioners over the period of time, end up damaging my hair faster, than it normally would. And I haven’t used a conditioner for over a year now.  


For oiling my hair I love the good old traditional coconut oil or sometimes switch it up with Almond oil, but which ever oil I use I make sure I massage the scalp with some castor oil. As it helps in aiding hair loss. 

Another thing that I  have been doing after washing my hair is using Moroccan Oil Treatment, while the hair is still damp. It definitely speeds up the drying time as it claims to and my hair is left feeling softer and shinier, and definitely more manageable. Specially during fall/winter when the air gets drier. A tiny dew drop size is all I need for my hair. And even the travel size bottle will last me for forever. 

I don’t have oily scalp so this routine works for me perfectly and has definitely helped in speeding up my hair growth. 


(Wearing Irresistible Me Hair Extensions in Silky)

Lastly, If you don’t have it then fake it, I’m talking about the hair extension ladies. Extensions are the perfect solution for adding extra length and volume to the hair instantly. And when I got a chance to try Irresistible Me hair extension, I was over-joyed. These are the perfect solution for anyone who wishes and longs for having tresses like Rupunzel (well that was a bit over exaggerated).  

But, any who I was provided the Silky Touch Clip In Hair extensions* which are tapered at the end for a more natural and relaxed look. But to be completely honest I felt it just made the hair look a bit unhealthy, the kind that needs an immediate salon care. These would be great for anyone who is looking to add volume to their already long locks. However for anyone longing for the length the Royal Remy premium extension is the perfect solution. As the quality of these extensions are amazing, and they blend in with your natural hair flawlessly. You do feel you have some extra weight in your head though but nothing uncomfortable or painful as I anticipated it to be. These are hassle free clip in extensions which I definitely enjoy wearing, when ever I crave extra volume.

How to grow hair faster

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