5 Night Time Habits To Make Your Mornings Positive And Energetic

how to make your morning positive and energetic

“Clutter – isn’t just the stuff in your closet. Its anything that comes in between you and your life that you want to be living, whether its in your home, in your head,  in your heart or on your hips.” – Peter Walsh

Let’s admit not everyone has that megawatt energy to jump out of bed and say it’s a fabulous day and lets get crackin’. Its more-so-like, we have come into this world and we need to survive yet another day, and with that thought drag ourselves out of the bed! And if we kick start our day with the wrong note, we end up finding faults in every little situation through out the day to make things stressful and negative for our own good.

I know how grumpy I get when I wake up only to find a butt load of dishing staring at my face to be cleaned. And when I push pass the mess of tiny toys, and tipping over them while I’m half asleep, cursing and shouting why didn’t I clean up the last night. And suddenly a beautiful new day kick starts with a stressful mind. While I could have enjoyed the morning breeze.

So here are few nightly habits that will instantly perk up your mornings :

 Tidy Up : 

Now how hard it may sound, do yourself a favor and clean up the mess. Put on some soothing music if that is something that injects the last dose of energy for the day, and clear up the kitchen mess. Put the dishes in the dishwasher, wipe out the counter tops and put the left over food in the fridge. Before it is attacked by ants and other bugs.

Organize the living area, tidy up the magazines, put away the toys (get your kids involved), straighten up the cushions before you turn off the lights and call it a day. Waking up to a clean kitchen and an organized home will instantly bring about positivity into the morning and make it less grumpy and stressful.

Self Care : 

I know what it is like to wake up with liner and mascara smeared all over your face and the next thing you know is you have welcomed a giant zit on your face. Following a daily simple night time skin care routine is all it takes to show some self love. Remove makeup, either do it the fancy way with all those marketed makeup removing gels, creams, balms or do it the traditional way slather up some coconut oil/almond oil massage it all over your face. And wash it with your favorite cleanser and warm water. Once you have cleansed your face, don’t forget to take care of your smile and brush your teeth. And then apply your serum, moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm.

I love the night time skin care/bathroom routine, as it is a mini getaway from the crazy mum life, and it just feels so calming and rejuvenating. And you cant overlook the joys of waking up to plump, fresh skin.

why you shouldn't use cellphone before going to bed

Meditate & Breathe :

A good way to reset and declutter your mind is by mediating and breathing, take it as a spa for your mind. Deep breathing helps in increasing the oxygen supply to the brain and hence promoting a state of calmness. But mediating can take a bit more practice, to shut down the bajjilion thoughts wanders in the span of millisecond can be difficult to control. But it’s worth it for the peace and sanctity of mind.
And if you feel too drained out and take this as a chore, then just take a few deep breaths while you are lying down, not only it will relax and calm your mind but if you have problems falling a sleep quickly this will definitely help in aiding that issue. And if you are looking for some easy to follow breathing exercises you can see it here. 

 Switch Off Your Cellphone : 

Cellphones are the king of mental health destruction. If breathing and meditating is the spa to the mind, switching off or cutting loose from gadgets is your birth in the actual world (if you know what I mean). Since we all have become social media addicts/slaves. And instagram, twitter, Facebook, youtube are the major source of distraction and google the food for our outrageous thoughts, its important to cut yourself off the digital world and be more human. And for a better sleep it is important to lull your brain and refrain it from getting excited.
As a lot of researches have confirmed that the blue light from our phones and other electronic devices disrupt our sleep cycle. It’s important to keep your phone down an hour or well at-least half an hour before sleep.  And if you want to get an in-depth on how blue light is messing up with your sleep cycle read all about it – right here.

Wear An Eye-mask : 

As fancy as it may sound, it really helps in getting you a better sleep. It cuts off any beam of rays coming in through the window or that bleeping light from your beloved electronics which can majorly disrupt your sleep-cycle. It’s a good way to ensure you have a sound sleep.

Hope this was helpful. Do share what nightly routine you follow for a less grumpy start of the morning?