Four Simple Yet Effective Tips On Approaching Brands/PR’s For Collaborations

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Okay, my head is still spinning thinking about it’s been over a year (almost going to be two years), since I started blogging. As much scared and confused I was about starting a blog, and how will I tell my family and friends, maybe they will make fun of me, maybe they will think what a waste of time. Will anyone read my blog, and will there be any negativity associated with it? While in the midst of all the wondering, fearing and typing and putting myself out into the internet world, I started having fun, meeting new bloggers and discovering new blogs became a happy hours job.


And in a blink of an eye a year passed, with lots of learning. So I thought I’d share with you today, few tips on approaching brands for collaboration.


Even if blogging is a mere hobby the fact that we all get distracted by the freebies, collaboration opportunities and companies noticing us, is the exciting part that comes along with it. Well, but not all are lucky to get noticed and get directly contacted by the companies naturally because there are way too many people doing exactly what you are doing, and are probably way, way more successful. But that doesn’t mean we are not worth it!

Simply because you are not invited to a party doesn’t mean you can’t invite them to your fabulous one. That being said it’s not a bad idea to candidly shoot a mail saying hello! to get noticed. There is no right and wrong in reaching out to brands and showing them your work. You never know, more than you, they might be excited to work with you.

So I thought I’d share with you from my personal experience how successful of an idea it is to reach out directly to the brand. But before that, know why it is important to establish your blog before contacting the brand itself (cause as a matter-of-fact, you are inviting them to your party and you want to make sure you have every dazzling bit to get invited back).


Lot of companies and PR’s are gradually crawling into the social media, having an active account, engaging with your audience, following brands, tagging them, letting them know your passion can get you noticed without even making the shameless move (well asking and getting your self noticed is not shameless but hey it’s exciting to get approached). Or even a simple hello tweet or maybe asking about the new releases to keep you in the loop can get you the attention.


Well not all brands openly give out their media representative email/phone number. A little extensive google search with Brands name + Pr Contact Details can fetch you some useful information. If things don’t show up or the search has lead to an utter waste of time, a good idea is to send a mail to the customer service switchboard provided by the website, a good chance is, that they will forward the mail to the concerning media department, and you might just get lucky.

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Now comes the hardest part after being successful with fetching the right mailing address, what to write in the mail?

Make every word count and worth considering you as a potential blogger to collaborate with. So here is the skeleton of the mail that you might want to play around with,


Start off with Hello *insert the representatives name* (if you know that, that makes it more personal and engaging) otherwise work with Hello if you don’t know,

*Your little introduction* author of so and so blog/social media account.

Why you are looking forward to be added into their database.

Followed by some great blog statistics and other social media links.

If you vision their products in a certain way or have a great story line to feature it with, go forward with your game plan.

End with looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Making sure each paragraph is no more longer than two-three lines, you probably don’t want to ramble on and bore the person, but want to keep it precise and on point.


Lets say after you have had a successful attempt of getting noticed woohoo and have been lucky enough to collaborate, make sure you keep them in loop with sharing your reviews/ links/ blog posts in which you feature their products.  And timely just sending a little Hello mail, or maybe just some festive greetings during holiday season can build some great relationship/rapport and of-course needless to say future opportunities.

And remember if the company reply’s back saying they can’t collaborate with you at the moment, don’t be disheartened. I know it’s upsetting to hear back a no, but work hard, keep updating with great content (and make sure to tag the brand), increase your blog/social media statistics and you never know when the door of opportunities might open up for you.

Hope you found this post helpful, and if you did so please feel free to share it on your social media tweet it, pin it and help me grow it ;).

Also I would love to know if you have ever contacted a company, and has it been a successful attempt?


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