Photography Tips For Bloggers/Instagramers

Disclaimer : I’m in no way a professional, I can’t even call my self an amateur photographer. But I have learned a lot over this time of blogging and instagramming. And I’m just sharing what has been working for me.

And lets be honest the major fun about blogging is taking pictures, well at-least for me. And I strongly feel along with great content, the pictures are something that makes your blog exceptional and stand out from the rest. So I thought I’d share some photography tips that I learned along the journey of blogging, and sure it is something that I do get questioned a lot for.

So here are some tips that might help you amp up your photography game 😉

Lighting :

There is a reason as to why, certain things are overly talked about. So when it comes to photography, lighting is the key. And to ensure you capture the most beautiful, clean, bright picture is to use natural light to its fullest.
I have always had a lot of questions, people asking me about what light equipments I use, how do I get such bright pictures and to answer that, I always, always move my set up close to the window or the door, where I get the maximum light. Another important thing is never to have additional room lights on, since the color of the light bulb can interfere with the natural light source and can imbalance the whole lighting setup. Also, the best time for product photography for me is early hours of the morning up until before noon, where I can get pictures without any yellow tint that a harsh sunlight can impart on your picture. This can vary for everyone, depending upon your house locality, light source and surrounding. So play around your house and find the perfect spot.

And for those who can’t work the early hours of the morning, there are some amazing lighting equipments that can help you get bright pictures like – ring light, soft boxes, umbrella and all that fancy stuff. But nothing can beat the natural light. Yet another important thing to keep in mind while clicking pictures, is, to make sure your lens is facing away from the source of light and not the light source, which will again make the pictures dark.

Getting acquainted with your camera :

If you have a DSLR, it can be quite tricky & a bit frustrating too initially, while getting used to the manual settings, you can use CreativeAuto mode (if you have Canon) with flash off, CA is a mode which aids new users in achieving good quality picture giving the ability to adjust the depth-of-field and brightness of the image – by simply adjusting the slider, without required knowledge of aperture, shutter-speed and ISO, if you are interested in learning how to play around with manual setting you might want to check out this post by thirteen thoughts, or this video which explains beautifully all about adjusting aperture, ISO and shutter speed (here)

Background : 

Now to the most interesting part, this is what that is going to add lots of color, drama, attractiveness to your picture. Having a bright set up is the first thing to bring out the beauty of each picture, but having fun, pretty elements makes a picture stand out and impressive.

Especially for product photography, throw in gold-glittery confetti, add flowers (tulips are really a great choice) though chose flowers which are light in color like pink, white, light purple, since you are using them as props and you don’t want to draw the attention to them, a pretty candle stand, books with funky covers, vase with metallic finish, monochromatic prints of polka dots and stripes, adding bits of gold and copper tones can add lots of drama to the picture. Also, here are few easy background DIY’s for under only $10.

And if you still struggle in creating a background step up, don’t be afraid to take inspiration from other people, it can really get your creative juices flowing.

Hope this was helpful, if you have any other useful tips don’t forget to leave in the comments below for others to benefit from it.

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Until next time, toodles…