Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Review

Giorgio Armani eye tint review

(wearing Rose ashes all over the lids)

Armani eye tint

Armani eye-tint swatches

(left-right : Minuit, emeraude, rose ashes, gold ashes)

It’s been a long time since I received the Armani eye-tints* and have been playing around with it. So I thought, its safe to put my two cents on these “new innovative eye-shadows”. Honestly I’m the one stop  shop eye-shadow kind-a girl. One sweep a little blending, and you are done and out the door without worrying much about it. 

These to me read the perfect solution for ladies who wants to get done with the eye look without worrying about the fall outs and waste of time. It is the ticket to a simple, quick and easy eye makeup.

Doesn’t require to many brushes or primer to even begin with. I love how you can easily sweep the color all over the eye lids with the doe foot applicator for a lovely wash of luminous color without looking ‘made-up’.

These work wonderfully well underneath an eyeshadow as a beautiful base. Or even a good way to extend the wear time of a powder eyeshadow. Either way it is an absolute gem to have in your eyeshadow makeup stash. 

I simply love using the eye tint on its own. 


– Long Wearing (approx 8hrs without any smudging or creasing (well at-least on me).


– Easy to work with and blend. 

– Layers Beautifully, without looking funky

– Good setting time, which makes it easier to blend yet sets soon enough so there is no issues of creasing. 


– A little expensive (but I can debate it for the formula, it is worth it)

– However I have to say, even though it comes in a sleek packaging which feels quite heavy duty when you hold it. But when you look at it, honestly it doesn’t look Armani level luxurious, know what I mean? (is it just me or does someone else too feels this?)


Absolutely love these and recommend for anyone, who loves a quick faff free makeup routine. Would I re-purchase it? YES (if ever I go through the whole tube that is, haha!).

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