Nordstrom Anniversary Sale || Beauty Wishlist

nordstrom anniversary sale wishlist

Well Aloha! I don’t know why but I feel like I’m in a beachy vacation mode. Even though, clearly, I’m sitting here looking around my house which is turned upside down and is in a complete mess. Thanks to moving houses. I hate it, clearly! But… this new leaf-y cushion cover is what making me feel uber happy haha. 

Anyway, if you follow me on instagram, then you must have read that, all my makeup is packed up and we are in the middle of moving. Hence the lack of blogpost. But when I saw the Nordstrom anniversary sale beauty exclusive I was excited for a new blogpost lol.

So here are few bits that I think are worth picking up :

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Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Look 5 Minute On Makeup Palette : Now when the previous 5 minute on makeup palette was released, I didnt’ even bother to look up for swatches, since I knew it wasn’t something for my skin tone. But the idea of the go-to 5 minute palette with all the best off’s from CT was exciting, only to be killed by the light colors. However when I saw that they came up with this palette in Dolce vita shade I squealed with excited. Not only it has the prettiest eye shadow shades, it has all those stunning things that have been pilling up on my beauty wishlist. Definitely, definitely a beauty bargain for anyone who is a Charlotte Tilbury fan.

Foreo : If you haven’t heard me rave about this product enough, then you certainly are a newbie to my blog haha, but this is a device for having baby soft smooth skin. And what better time to snag it, than when it goes on sale, right?

Danielle Creations ‘Rose Gold’ Manicure set : Now if you are like me and love everything rose gold, this is going to be the cutest addition in your grooming kit. 

Jo Malone London Cologne Set : I have been putting off reviewing the ever so popular Peony and blush perfume from Jo Malone, which I probably should do soon. But none-the-less, if you are looking to try some Jo Malone Perfume’s this is a great set, since the perfume bottles are not your regular sized sample tubes, they are something that will last you a couple of days and the bottles they are stinking cute to deck up your vanity. And yes, I’m more than guilty of buying things just for the packaging.

Beauty Blender Best-Friends set : If you are someone who can’t do their makeup without beauty blender, or even if you are someone who is getting sucked into the beauty blender hype, then this is the time to stock up on them. I sure need to replace mine!

Bobbi Brown ‘Bobbi On Trend’ Nude Lip Set : I’m a huge, huge fan of nude lipsticks, and have been guilty of owning a lot of same colors with different hues, you know what I mean girl. And this lip set has my heart on it. Even more so as I’m dying to try some Bobbi Brown Lipsticks, this seems so be a great deal. 

Hourglass Ambient Luminous Light Palette : It’s one of those travel friendly palettes, with bronzer, highlighter and blush. And if you have been thinking of getting any of those blushes or ambient lightening powders from Hourglass, then chuck that thought my friend and get this, where you get to try everything in one palette. And I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

Burberry Beauty Glow-To-Go Set : Honestly I would just buy this set for that makeup bag! But honestly I have been a huge huge fan of Burberry Beauty. Everything that I have tried from them is amazing, the cream blush has to be one of the holy-grail products in my makeup collection. And I have been dying to try their eyeshadows and the luminous base, and when you get all of that with that beautiful makeup bag, you know I’m sold, girlfriend!

So these are my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Wishlist items. Let me know what have you been eyeing and thinking of getting?

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