Five Tips On Being A Smart Blogger

I know how time consuming blogging can be. From the actual write up part, to photography, to social media engaging and promoting. It can just be a bit over-whelming and well sometimes just end up messing up our routine. But here are few handy-smart tips that can eliminate that extra bit of an effort that’s time killing.


There is nothing better than planning. Write down your ideas, make a list of blog post that you plan to upload the following week or month. Mark important dates on calendar and go forward with your plans. Having blog post pre-planned and pre-written blog titles in drafts can save you a lot of thinking time on “what-to-post-today” dilemma. Also it makes it easier to add in those crazy fun ideas, dialogues that pop up in our minds at the most awkward hours of mid night. You don’t want to lose those fabulous train of thoughts and then waste your time next morning, re-thinking about it. 


This is something that has got me not only motivated, but also helped in feeding ideas for photography. Having a pinterest board or a physical/actual inspirational board on your wall of all the picture styles you like. Or maybe if you have a small business, having something to look up on and take inspiration from can be quite a time saver. Since I’m not a photographer or an amateur to be honest, playing around with angles and layout can be a little frustrating at times, but having a certain picture that relates to my style, really does helps me in taking good shots and saving a lot of time. 


Now this is something that I have to do if I sit to work, being a total fickle minded person, getting distracted is my second nature. I can’t help it. So first things first I have to get rid of my phone. Phone calls can take hours for me and hence the lack of blog post sometimes (most of the times?). So when it comes to working smarter you have to make the most of the little time you have in those 24 hours and make the best out of it, by putting all your energy and concentration in one direction. And trust me focusing on one thing at a time, not only saves time but also effects the quality of the work you are doing. So getting rid of distractions is the soul of working smarter.


I have never been into organizing, planning, and listing. But I have been a huge fan of stationery, so I always have cute notepads in stock. And ever since I started blogging, I realized the importance of having things in place and being organized. The to-do list is a time saver and a little ego boaster when I check off all the boxes by the end of the day. Preparing a simple to-do list a night before, and sketching an idea for the next day, of what needs to be tackled first in terms of household work, so that I have a clear mind space to put the right kind of energy towards the work, is kind of super helpful. Specially when you are working from home. Things do tend to get a little wonky and laid off.  And those physical written notes are like your mother standing behind your back, to make sure you finish your milk, lol. 


Now if blocking distraction is the soul of working harder, then allotting days is the heart, mind and body of working smarter. Having a day fixed for writing posts for the upcoming weeks blogpost publishing schedule, and a day for taking pictures for all those posts, can be super super convenient. So all you are left on the day of publishing is promoting your blogpost on social media. And if you are smarty pants, thanks to the ever growing blogging and social media business, there are tone of different apps to actually schedule your tweets, instagram uploads and youtube uploads. So all you are left to do for the week is sit back relax and read some of your favorite blogs, write comments, leave a link to your blog in comments and enjoy your blog page-views increasing. 

So these are my four key tips on working smarter, now I’d like to hear your tips on working smarter rather than harder ?

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