Acne Free Skincare Routine

acne-free skincare routine

Okay so where do I even begin with? 

The fact that I have been traveling a lot — five countries in one year, and the fact that the most popular Too faced hangover primer broke me out like C-H-R-A-Z-Y-Y. It got to the point I had no idea how I’d ever get rid of the acne that took over my right cheek. So I completely switched over from my holy grail skincare routine and got hooked onto the Real-u* skincare line which is specifically aimed to cure acne.

Now when they first contacted me, I was like no thank you, I don’t have acne! So I won’t be able to  do justice to your brand, only if I knew saying that out loud would jinx my skin, haha. 

Also, when they spoke about the line, they said it was more appropriate for oilier skin, so I was a bit too skeptical for this line to dry me out. Specially the cleanser, cause I’m quite picky when it comes to cleansers, as a lot of them in general have stripped down the moisture and dried me out.

So they sent me the Product bundle which had a Cleanser, Serum, lite moisturizer and spot treatment suitable for mild breakouts and maintaining clear skin. 

To be completely honest, the spot treatment wasn’t effective. It didn’t zap my pimples or dry them out. But on the contrary this home remedy totally wins over any product on the market shelves :

The Home Remedy : Rub some garlic juice onto the pimples and let it sit for couple of hours and boy does it cure them or what! Even though you do end up smelling gross. But this is truly the most effective way to dry up those painful zits #thankyoumomforsharingthiswithme!

Onto the rest of the line, I was totally taken by surprised on how gentle and effective the other products were, again specifically the cleanser. 

The way I love using this cleanser is at night with my Foreo Luna Mini2* and I saw a drastic change in my skin, after using these two alone. And I did speak about Foreo being a superior skincare gadget, when it comes to maintaining good skin health.

Then I followed by using the face serum only on the affected areas followed by slapping on some moisturizer. Though the moisturizer bottle quotes “LITE” I wouldn’t necessary chime in with that, since I felt it was quite a heavy duty moisturizer and for me it was a good thing.

And this night time routine, truly did help in clearing up my skin. 

However I’d have to add in that this diy cleanser/mask for the morning facial skin wake up has been again one of the serious contributors in clearing up and evening out my skin.

Do you suffer from stubborn acne too? What is the best tip that you can share for maintaining acne free skin?


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