Spoil Your Father This Father’s Day || Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's day Luxe Gift Guide

 “Any given day, all you need for strength is your father’s hand on your shoulder and suddenly all the burden of the world is nothing but feathers!”

That’s the charm of a dad/daddy/papa – and for us he is our Baba! The one person who brightens up the day with his quick witted humor and at the same time scares the shit out of us with his temper. There is no denying the fact that each father represents that pillar of strength that we can lean on throughout our lives. From the age when we held his finger in the busy markets to even this day when we consider ourselves independent, each person still believes that “their dad can do anything”. Such is the power of the relationship between a father and his children. So this one’s to celebrate the first love of every daughter and every son’s superhero.

Men's grooming guide

And here’s a little gift guide to spoil the one man (who’d never in a million infinite years break your heart), from the moment he wakes up until he leaves the house to work his arse off to provide with the best luxuries in the world.

Foreo ISSA Hybride* – You want to take care of that smile, that changes the mood of the entire house and starts the party.

Tom Ford Grooming Set* – Keep the charisma alive of that face, which has enchanted you the entire life with his raw handsome looks.

Tom Ford Men's grooming

Fitbit : Cause you want to see him on top of his game any given sunday.

Hugoboss Wallet : The way he takes charge and pulls out the wallet from his pocket (especially when buying you those spoils). So better make sure he has the best one to do so!

Versace Pour Homme : You’ve grown old being mesmerized by the way he smells.

Rayban : Because growing up you have always tried on his glasses but never managed to look as stunning as he looks donning it.




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