Jouer Lip Creme || Review and Swatches

Jouer Lip creme

OKAY! I have been desperate to get my hands on these lip creme’s ever since they came out. Unfortunately every time I went on their website it was always sold out. Until recently when they brought it back in stock. I knew it had to come home. You know when certain things are wrapped in the bubble of that crazy hype you just get sucked into it. 

If you linger around my blog every now and then, then you might have realized I’m not usually quite a matt lip girl. I love my glosses, and demi matt/ velvet matt lip products are more safer than a true matt! But I had to give these a whirl and here are my unbiased thoughts on them.

Jouer Lip creme lycée, dulce de leche


Well they retail for $18 not quite cheap, but nothing crazy expensive. And if you follow @czjouer on snapchat then you are always blessed with a coupon code to get these for at-least 15% off using the code CZ15OFF. 

Onto the packing, I love the chic, classic look. There is nothing crazy cute or fancy about it, no actually there is something unique and fancy about the packaging. They have what they call it is as tracks, that can be used to custom build your Jouer makeup palette. So you can slide and line up the tracks just like LEGO’s and snap them together. Which is so smart, when it comes to traveling with these products. 


OKAY I will just give it off, that I absolutely LOVE the formula of these lip creme’s. They go on like NYX soft matt lip creme’s very smooth and liquidy sorts but they dry up to a completely powdery matt consistency without enhancing lip lines and making them look like a deserted island. 

Though there are some formula’s which go on a bit streaky when you go back and forth with the doe foot applicator, but can be easily evened out using your finger. Sometimes I feel, it could be the issue of the applicator, since when you swipe them once they go on consistently and then the back and forth movement kind of messes it up (but this happens only with some formula’s).

Jouer Petale de rose

The color selection is good, they have neutrals, pinks and red’s and the good thing about the color selection is they have each color in cool toned and warm toned, giving options to every skin-toned person to enjoy Jouer Lip creme’s.


Orchid (Web exclusive) / Dulce De Leche / Lychee / Petale De Rose / Framboise / Cerise 

I have to say for my skin tone and complexion, Orchid, Dulce De Leche doesn’t really work. Lychee is a bit light for my liking but can be easily worn with a lip-liner for a beautiful neutral pink lip. 

Petals De rose and Cerise are my absolute favorites from the color’s I chose. Cerise to be more precise is a GORGEOUS pink red, almost fuchsia-ish, and I have been look for a color like this for a long time. Even though I don’t generally tend to gravitated towards Red lipstick but this one is stinking beautiful, and I feel it would look universally flattering on all skin tones. 

Framboise is a beautiful corally pink. And the lasting power of these lip creme’s, are pretty good, with a slight bit of fading that begins from the inside of the mouth.

Jouer Lip creme swatches

(left-right : dulce de leche, Lychee, Petale de rose, Orchid, Framboise, Cerise)

Also a quick side note: Don’t go by the website swatches, google up colors and then make a decision. I feel there are colors for everyone, all you have to do is a patient research to find the right color.

Have you tried Jouer Lip creme yet? Which is your favorite color out of the 16 now 17 shades?

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