High Tea And Beauty With Christina Zilber

Christina ZIlber

I’m back with yet another segment of High tea and beauty, I have been meaning to do this for a long time now, but. Anyways, the wait has been worth while. And I have a super special guest today. Christina Zilber – the founder and creative director of JOUER! I’m sure we all beauty addicts are quite mesmerized by the Jouer brand, specially their lip creme’s. They have been taking over the beauty world. And if you my friend, don’t already know about this brand, then please come forward from  the rock you have been living under, come forward and join us, haha!

She is a super talented, beautiful, hard working and extremely passionate about what she does (you’ll know it too, if you follow her on snapchat @czjouer). She is a true definition of beauty with brains,  a mother, philanthropist and ex-model, but for me today she has become extra special and uber humble to have done this for me. So without any further a do, let’s jump right into getting to know her even more! 

1. What’s your daily skincare routine ?

My routine is all about protecting and nourishing the skin. If you wear makeup, you must be sure to always remove your makeup at night. I go through a few steps of cleansing, first with a traditional cleanser, then the “makeup eraser” (a soft terry towel) and finally some wipes to remove any last remaining dirt or makeup. I always use some kind of acid exfoliation such as a toner or pad with glycol acid, lactic acid, BHA, etc. I add a moisturizer then seal it in with Jouer’s clarifying oil, which contains a blend of oils and actives shown to reduce break outs and hydrate the skin. 

In the Morning’s I start with a Vitamin C serum to brighten and even the complexion, followed by a moisturizer and then primer. Because I breakout, I love products with salicylic acid which helps clear my pores without too much irritation. I created a primer with salicylic acid to ensure my skin stays smooth enough for a flawless makeup application. Finally, and this is something that everyone should be religious about – SPF. You must protect your skin from the sun – even if you work inside and are rarely in direct light. My moisture tints have SPF 15 and 20, which is the perfect amount for everyday protection. 

2. Do you remember the first time you got interested in beauty?

I’ve always been obsessed with makeup. I, like many young ladies, would constantly play at my mother’s makeup vanity. My mother was a fashion model, and taught me a lot about beauty. As I grew up, I started to model here and there, but what I was the most interested in, was sitting in the makeup chair and talking to artists about their favorite products. I soon became so interested in depotting my own lipsticks and creating my own eye palettes, my friends in the makeup community finally encouraged me to bring my ideas to life. Jouer was born out of the philosophy that beauty should be fun and should help women find what works best on them.

Christina Zilber Jouer Founder

3. Do you love to travel? Which is the best place you have visited till date?

Anyone who knows me (or sees my social media) knows I love to travel. I feel very fortunate to be able to travel often, both for Jouer and personally. To pick one place as the BEST is so difficult for me. I’ve had so many incredible trips with special people in my life. I’ve traveled to Africa, south America and Asia with UNICEF to help those in need, I enjoy vacations with my kids (we just got back from an incredible trip to Tahiti) as well as an annual Girls trip with some close friends. I find it’s often less important where you go, but more about who you go with and all the adventures you share together.

Christina Zilber on vacation

Jouer Beauty

4. Are there any specific travel beauty bits that you can’t go without?

I keep a travel makeup/skincare bag pre-packed, so I can easily restock and not spend too much time figuring out what I need. My pre-packed travel bag includes : My Jouer treatment oil, to keep me hydrated on long flights, a travel size Jouer anti-blemish primer, Luminzing and Matte Moisture Tint (I like to blend the two) for quick, even coverage and my Jouer ready-to-wear palette. It contains eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer and highlighter for an effortless, everyday face. I kind of go overboard on lip products because I love a choice.

Jouer Oil Treatment

(PC : Glamorable.com)

5. Can you recommend any magical beauty product, that one needs to have it in their collection?

I would say concealer. I’m concealer obsessed and carry it with me daily because I NEED IT. All of the Jouer concealers have superior coverage plus skincare ingredients. Whether you’re battling dark circles, discoloration, blemishes (or all!) Jouer’s got ingredients to treat while offering the perfect amount of camouflage.

6. What is your desert island item you cannot do without?

I wear sunscreen everyday. I also made sure that my two main face products (Luminizing moisture tint and Matte moisture tint) contain SPF. It’s the key ingredient to keeping your skin youthful. What is really different about our formula is that our SPF’s are physical (not chemical) SPF. So if you have sensitive skin, you get the protection you need without irritation.

7. Any non-beauty ritual that helps you feel great?

I do Yoga three times a week. It’s my meditation. 

8. How did you come up with the beauty brand and name Jouer?

As a model, I use to sit in the hair and makeup chair and take notes on everything the makeup artist used on me. I loved the idea of makeup on the go, but found palettes on the market limiting. I started to obsess over the idea of customized palettes and the idea of Jouer was born.

It was a challenge to find a name for my company because everything seemed to already be “taken”. I wanted a name that stood apart, but also something that felt natural to me. I was working out of my house at the time and had a sign “JOUER” (meaning to play in French) on the wall and it just seemed like a perfect fit to the brand messaging. Beauty is all about playing and having fun – so JOUER was the perfect fit for my beauty philosophy. Plus, the word Jouer is french and I spend a lot of time in France and am always inspired by French beauty.

9. One product from Jouer everyone needs to have?

Choosing one Jouer product is like asking me which child I like better. They’re all my babies. My latest obsession is definitely my Long wear lip crème liquid lipstick. I spent YEARS developing this formula and it truly stands out on the market. It is weightless, has moisturizing benefits, and matte and metallic shades that truly last all day. When you’re running late, or just looking for the finishing touch to any look, a perfect lip pulls it all together.

Jouer Lipcreme

10. Any advice for parents to maintain a wonderful relationship with their children (just like yours) while they juggle with a busy lifestyle?

I do my best to always put family first. I believe in quantity AND quality time, not one or the other. I split my time between work, kids and friends, but my kids will always get the premiere spot. 

I think it’s important to constantly communicate with your kids no matter how busy you are and without judgement. There were never any questions or comments that were taboo. But, my biggest piece of advice is to follow their lead. If they love soccer, then you start loving soccer too, because that will be your common ground. Meet them where they are and you will always be appreciated.

Christina Zilber with daughter

Well, that was the best piece of advice. We can truly see the beautiful bonding between Christina and her kids. And absolutely love Christina for doing this for me, thank you so much. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this too, as much I did! 

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P.S. : All pictures taken from google, with due permission from Christina herself

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