Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation Review

Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup

Love the demi matt, healthy looking skin finish?

I’m talking about Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation* $64 – “it’s said to be SPF infused skin perfecting, lightweight coverage. With waterless suspension of volatile oils and pigments to allow ultimate comfort and weightless coverage”.

I have been using this for a couple of weeks now, making it safe to pass a judgement on. The first thing that I felt was the texture which is quite unusual and unique, it had that silicon primer slip with light to light medium coverage of a foundation. And it reminded me a bit of the maybelline dream wonder foundation which I didn’t like at all. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like this! Usually I’m not quite a fan of matt finishes, provided I’m normal to dry skin types. However the demi matt finish of this foundation is something I have been enjoying a lot lately, making it the perfect summer foundation choice. And the Spf bit in it makes me a little less guilty on those days when I forget to put on my sunscreen. Despite the SPF in it, I did notice, it photographed well. So here are my un-scatterd thoughts on this one.

Armani Maestro Foundation Review


PACKAGING : The only reason if I’d have to take the stars off from the rating chart is because of the packaging. Not quite a fan of the dropper applicator. I’d much rather prefer a pump, specially with a running formula like this one. As it does tend to get a bit messy, when I shake it before opening it up. That even makes it less travel friendly.

COLOUR : Number 2, 3, 4 are said to be well suited for fair skin, 5, 5.5, 6, 7 suitable for medium skin tone and the rest for the dark skin. They do have a good color selection range. So you are most likely to find a suitable match for yourself. I’m #6 in Maestro. But here’s a little warning if you have used other Armani foundations, then don’t rely on that numbering for reference, if you are planning to get other formula’s from them. Since the numbering is quite different and messed up in my opinion.

FORMULA AND FINISH : It has a very running, thin consistency, which makes it perfect for applying it with hands. And blends in beautifully. Meshes with the skin, to give a skin like skin look. 

It’s a demi matt formula, which doesn’t look flat or dull, but gives a very youthful finish. And the feather light formula doesn’t make you feel that you are wearing anything on your skin all day long.

Armani Maestro Foundation

COVERAGE AND LASTING : Despite the light formula and light to light medium coverage, it is surprising that how well it lasts throughout the day, without flaking or crusting up. If you are someone who is looking for evening out skin tone and nothing major to cover up. This is a beautiful choice of foundation to go for. It does cover up my fading acne scares pretty well, so it does have an Okay coverage.

FINAL THOUGHTS : Despite a lot of reviews claiming that it clings on dry spots, I’d have to say, it doesn’t enhance them or makes them look any worse through out the day. Infact over the period of wear time it does end up hydrating the dry area and doesn’t worsen things up. So I’d have to say kudos to the formula. Specially a good base choice for Summer. Even more so for normal to oily skin types.

Have you tried any of the Armani Foundations? Which is your favorite out of the bunch ?

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