SIX Things That Will Make You Ditch Foundation This Summer Season

Summer Skin care routine

Do you let your skin breath and enjoy the summer breeze?

Well, it finally seems like spring/summer is back on track, after an awful week or two, where it seemed like summer might have taken a detour. But everything is good when sun is shining bright. And there is certainly something in the spring/summer vibe, that makes you want to go out with bare minimum makeup.  Letting your skin breath and soak up the sunshine. Well at least I love to clearly stay away from any sort of heavy to light coverage foundation bases.

But I do like my skin looking all nice and pretty without the heavy dose of foundation layer. And here are my top five six things that helps me maintain beautiful looking skin.

Ditch foundation this summer season

1. Good Skin Care and lots of water : Despite my regular skincare regime I love to use my own DIY face cleanser/mask, this is something that helps in keeping my skin radiant and clear. Also it’s amazing for soothing any breakouts. Any time I feel like my skin is misbehaving this Diy has always come to my rescue. And of course the cliche about staying hydrated is well worth the beautiful skin. I guess every time anyone mentions about staying hydrated I immediately grab a glass of water, even as I type I’m drinking it. So this ones just a reminder for you to go gulp down a glass of water NOW!

2. Tatcha Pore Perfecting Sunscreen* : I have always been guilty of not wearing sunscreen, and this made me reach for tinted moisturizer with Spf. Now that is always a great option, when is comes to side tracking the foundations for the season. But the Tatcha sunscreen has become a staple in my skincare routine, as it not only provides spf, but it sort of blurs out any imperfections and soothes away the skin. Leaving it looking more youthful and glow-y.

Tatcha Silken Pore perfection Sunscreen

3. Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick : This is an amazing product for creating a flawless canvas. I picked it up as my 100 points perk from Sephora and have been using ever since. It just creates the most beautiful blurring effect. I wasn’t really expecting much from this and was a little scared to even use it initially, since a lot of reviews said that it did cling onto the dry spots and didn’t work for them, but for me honestly it worked wonderfully, then again I don’t have that large pores to worry about. Overall I have been really enjoying this.

4. Pixi Glowtion Day Dew : OMG this is like the best pick me up when your skin is having those dull moments. I mean seriously, I kid you not, on how amazing this is. It adds a beautiful healthy glow without looking shiny or greasy. You can use it as a moisturizer, I even use it on top of my makeup just to perk up my face. Only wish, that there was spf in it, then it would have been the only product to ditch the foundation with. Seriously you need to try this.

5. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminator* : Now I love that bronzey glow, and highlighters have always been my weakness when it came to beauty products. This one definitely stands out since it’s a light liquidy formula thats easy to work with and blend into the skin without it looking shiny or disco ball-y, its even wonderful to mix in with your moisturizer to add a bit of a glow. Definitely check it out before it is gone. It’s like the perfect highlighter shade for the season!

6. Urban Decay Naked Concealer : Basically any concealer, that covers up your troubled spots, under-eye circle and wouldn’t cake up. Hence I chose the naked concealer because it is everything you would want your concealer to be. Creamy, easy to blend, high coverage and naturally flawless.

Extra Product : Estee Lauder Lip and cheek glow*, this product is seriously stunning and Fuchsia lights is hands down my favorite shade. Its perfect for those effortless perfect summer days, and the packaging is travel friendly. With a little kiss of color for the cheeks and a beautiful hint of sheen for the lips, is my definition of a perfect summer day. One hundred percent worth checking out it up.

Do you also skip on the foundation as the weather warms up? What are your favorite products and tips on going foundation-free?

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