Foreo ISSA MIKRO || Review


One of my pet peeves is having bad teeth, and more so for my kid!

And I literally had dreams of my teeth falling (still do sometimes) and I would just have a panic attack, in my dream. Let alone in reality, I would be mortified.

So taking care of my little munchkin’s teeth is my motherhood mission, like seriously. Since, I have seen so many kids around me with tooth decay issue, and it scars the sh*t out of me, thinking if ever my child has to go through it. Hell-to-the-NOO!! And specially the front teeth, its pretty darn — well not so cute. So we started off with the brushing routine p-r-e-t-t-y early.

But since my little Miss-y’s mouth is teeny tiny the regular brush would really hurt her. And within two weeks, the bristles would be all gross and chewed up. Just for the fact it was uncomfortable, she would bite on the bristles to avoid brushing.

So when I learned about ISSA Mikro, I was really intrigued and contacted the company about the details, and they were kind enough to gift it to me, to try it out.

Firstly, I just have to mention, I never ever thought my daughter would be so  excited about something and that too brushing her teeth (now that’s something spectacular). She would sleep just so that she can wake up the next morning to brush. Now that’s a genius device to get your toddler in bed, no kidding!

The fact that it is made of food grade silicon makes it not only super safe for kids, but also extremely hygienic, as silicon doesn’t harbor bacteria. Also the fact that, the bristles unlike the normal tooth brush are quite flat, non-pointy, flexible and super soft, makes the brushing experience a lot more pleasant for the kids, and the gentle sonic vibrations helps in loosing up any plaque build up.


Overall, I feel it’s quite genius of a product for toddlers. Since you don’t have to change the brush head and its suitable for kids from age 0-5, makes it quite a good investment in my opinion. Plus if your child insists on brushing teeth on their own, then its worth all the investment.

Quick Note : This will be launching on Foreo website – Summer of 2016, retailing at $199. But if you want to get hold of this one at a good deal. Then it’s been launched on the Indiegogo website – you can go check it out. Also it’s up for pre-orders on Foreo website

*This was sent to me for consideration, but all opinions expressed are my own and 100% genuine. Cause for the life of me I wouldn’t suggest anything bad for any kid.




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