Five Kickass Tips To Take Blog Worthy Pictures With Your Smartphone

how to take blog worthy pictures using phone

Don’t have a Dslr? So what? 

Here are few tips to take kickass pictures for blog or instagram using your smart phone.

I know it can get a bit overwhelming when it comes to taking pictures with a phone and still make them look good, and make your self stand out in the crowd of bloggers. And even though I feel a good camera is the first thing to invest into when it comes to blogging (of course if you are serious about it), but until you don’t take the plunge here are few things to keep in mind while using your phone camera.

Tip 1 : Clean The Phone Lens

Always, always, always clean out the lens of your phone camera, since you are on your phone 24×7, and are not mindful of where you are putting it, you want to make sure you clean up the lens before taking any pictures. And since the pictures taken from your phone are not as sharp and crisp as you get a shot from a dslr, you want to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning up the lens, else the pictures will foggy and a bit out of focus. 

Tip 2 : Tap The Screen To Focus

Now a lot of people don’t know this, or just forget about this feature, its always best to tap the screen where you want the camera to focus, it even ends up brightening up the pictures too, well at-least on an iPhone it helps in brightening up the pictures.

Tip 3 : Keep A Steady Hand

Now if you are not blessed with a good balance, then you probably want to hold your breath for a little bit, while taking a picture to get a crisp shot, though don’t forget to pause and catch up with your breath or else you will pass out on your beautifully laid out set up haha, kidding!

Even better you can use your selfie stick to keep your phone steady.

Tip 4 : EDIT! You Heard Me E-D-I-T

I feel the phone apps are so much better to edit a picture, than using heavy duty editing softwares. Most of the time I do transfer my pictures on my phone to edit them and transfer them back to my computer (I know such a pain, but totally worth it). Here are some apps that I absolutely love when it comes to editing pictures on the phone. 

Tip 5 : Take Advantage Of The Natural Light

Well this should have been the first tip or maybe tip number 2 but anyway we will cover it now.  This is something to keep in mind when taking pictures with your phone camera or Dslr, there is nothing better than a natural light source. So move as close as (near the window/door) you can to the natural lightening for best results, also make sure to keep other lights in the room off, so that they don’t interfere with the natural light. Also very, very important, please DO NOT use flash, like seriously don’t!

And here’s a bonus tip, when clicking outside for OOTD or for any other reason make sure to take pictures during the magic hours to get the most perfect, flattering lightening.

Hope this was helpful. Also please share with us if you have any other tips or tricks for phone photography?



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