Battle Of Under-Eye Correctors || How To Conceal Under-eye Circles Like A Pro

under-eye color correctors

Makeup has become so technical and complex, every few months or every year atleast we are upgraded with new makeup trends. If bronzing wasn’t good enough to warm up the face, stepped in the boss of sculpting face “contouring” and if highlighting wasn’t dazzling enough so came in strobing and this year its all about color correcting. And now every makeup brand has its own version of five-six shades of color correctors. I mean come on, it’s not like that we need all of those shades, unless you want to look like rainbow dash!! I think one or two colors at the most would be sufficient for every individual to take care of their different color correcting needs. 

For me orange corrector came as a blessing, no seriously. My under-eye circles are my biggest insecurity, even though you can use orange eyeshadows mixed in with some eye-cream/moisturizer or  orange lipstick, or come up with your own Diy version of orange corrector, I like the idea of having a separate product.

Hence the collection of correctors.  Not that I own every single orange corrector out there, but here’s my fair selection of correctors and my thoughts on them :

NYX Orange Concealer

NYX Orange Concealer

This was probably my first “corrector” and I have been using it a lot. I feel the tone of orange is quite suitable for fair to medium skin tone. It’s not too orange nor too salmony. However the formula is a bit dry and not quite as creamy as I would like it. Though it does melts a little during summers and the consistence becomes idle but during winters it a pain to use. Only if the formula was a bit more creamy, smooth and a tad bit thinner than it is, I think this would have been my idle corrector and I wouldn’t venture out to try other orange concealers and plus it would have saved me a lot of money too, lol.

Bobbi Brown Color Corrector :

Bobbi Brown Color Corrector Concealer

 I don’t know whats the hype around this product, after using this I felt it was a bit thick and a little sticky, well I don’t think so sticky would be the correct description but when applied with finger it felt like the delicate skin underneath the eye sort of got pulled over as I patted it into the skin (I hope that makes sense). Also the color is a bit bisque-y/salmon toned rather than a straight up orange, so it will be well suited for fair skin toned people, on whom orange correctors could be a bit over-whelming and scary looking. 

L.A. Girl Orange Corrector

LA Girl Pro Orange Concealer

Now this one is a super pigmented dark orange, idle for medium to dark skin tone, if you are medium-fair then this might be a little over powering color wise. But I love the tube applicator and the fact that it is a creamy liquid which makes it super easy to blend and apply precisely over the dark areas. Only if the color was not too out there orange, it would have been a super affordable and perfect color corrector for under-eyes. 

Becca Peach Corrector

Becca Peach Color Corrector

Now this is my favorite of them all, the color, the consistency, it’s perfect only if there wasn’t a hefty price tag, it would have checked off all the boxes for being the idle color corrector. None the less the best thing about there color correcting range is, there is yet another orange which is more specifically for medium-dark skin, so anyone with dark circle issue is well covered under this brand. I love that it has that dewy finish which blurs out any imperfections and keeps the under eye area well hydrated, and doesn’t make the eyes look dry or funky after powdering. Over all its the perfect corrector in my opinion.

(left-right : LA girl, NYX, Bobbi Brown, Becca)

On to those color correctors which I don’t own but tried in Sephora, here’s my opinion on them :

Urban Decay  Peach Corrector : I love Urban Decay naked concealer its my all time favorite concealer and there is nothing that beats the amazing creamy formula of that one, and thats exactly how the formula of the corrector feels like, but the color is again a bit off, for atleast medium skin toned people like me, its more like a peachy-bisque-y toned concealer rather than being an orange corrector. It would work perfectly for Fair skin-toned people and the formula is just lovely. But for someone like me (with horrible under-eye pigmentation) I don’t recommend this shade.

YSL Touche Eclat Color Neutralizer In Bisque : The consistency of this one is quite thin which would be idle to blend it but the opaque-ness is again a bit off, so layering would be required, and for the money you pay I don’t think so this would be worth it. 

Sephora Color Corrector : Now even though it might not be as pigmented as the other products I mentioned about, but it’s quite good to cover up the mild under-eye discoloration, it’s not too thick nor thin in consistency which I felt would make the blending a lot more easier and effortless. Over all a great product if you want to try something from Sephora still don’t want to bite the bullet, this could be a really good option.

Now I would like to hear which is your favorite color corrector and if you have tried any of the above mentioned correctors and what you think of them. Also I would love to hear your tips on covering up the under-eye circles?

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