8 FoolProof Tips To Get People Come Back To Your Blog

how to attract readers to your blog and make them stay

Blogging is such a thing, which can be a mere hobby, or a little effort to start a small business, a  part time job, a full time job, a passion to share your information with people, or in my case drawers full of makeup which needs some love and appreciation – oh god! But be it anything we all love a little recognition and loyal readership. After blogging for a year now, here are few things that I observed and learned that can help bring in regular readers.

1. Easy To Remember url : This one is simple yet the toughest thing when deciding on starting a blog, the url. It should be catchy, it should relate to your content and definitely easy to remember. Anything with the initials of your name with random xx and “_” or “-” is complicated and absolutely ridiculous to remember. Stick to simple words and phrases and create your unique, easy to remember url. You don’t want to woo your readers with your awesome content, and later make them bang their heads onto the wall, trying to remember your blog name. So keep it simple.

2. Clean Blog theme : I know it gets over-whelming when it comes to blog designing, either you are designing it yourself or buying a premade template. So there are few things to remember when it comes to a blog design, having too many pop ups, the moment someone visits your blog, can immediately wave a red flag, its distracting! Or say having bright clashing colors or even a busy side bar can be way too annoying and reasons for not getting good followership despite great content. 

Stick to a cleaner theme, few colors that work cohesively and a type of font or two that work well together, get rid of any fancy fonts, it can be quite unpleasing to the eye, honestly. And if you are starting with a blog here are some helpful tutorial to design your blog, if you plan to do so, yourself. Or if you want a pre-made template, here are few options for budget friendly themes.

3. Content – Quality Over Quantity : Now it is important to post regularly, but regular life updates, daily dose of your animal pictures or instagram round up won’t fetch you a loyal readership. People look for posts that are beneficial for them in some way or the other, be it tips and tricks, life hacks, or some inspirational talk, that helps your reader in a certain way. Makes you good samaritan!

Let your personality shine through your blog post, share your personal experience while sharing some life hacks, it will make your readers connect to you. And who doesn’t loves to come back to a friend?

4. High Quality Picture : Not necessarily taken with DSLR, but having good quality and well lit pictures can grab a persons attention even before they get engrossed in your content. Here is a helpful post to take better pictures with your mobile phone, to improve the quality of your blog post.

I feel its even  more important having pictures of the same width and size, that gives the blog a more cleaner and professional look, than having pictures varying in widths. I have a blog post here, that can help you fix the problem of resizing your pictures before uploading them. 

5. Social Media : This can be a major boost to your blog statistic and increasing your readership, an active social media account! Add your blog link in your bio, so it’s easier for people to follow the link to your blog. It’s a great platform to share your content and also a space where you can share sneak peaks of your daily/personal life, and make connections with people. It’s wonderful way to have loyal followers, when you share and connect and make them feel like they have a friend and not just some random person behind computer sharing stuff. So make the most out of your favorite social media site. 

6. Follow and appreciate your co-bloggers : Leave genuine comments, that will add to a conversation or maybe something that encourages the fellow blogger. Following and appreciating your co-bloggers and commenting regularly will make your name pop up more often, making you look familiar and hence gaining you a regular reader. I’m not saying go write on every blog post you come across saying cool, great post – come check out my blog! People can sense your desperation. But a genuine comment with a link backing up to your website is a subtle and a much more appropriate way of getting people come by to visit your blog.

7. Freebies : I mean who doesn’t love free stuff? You don’t have to host giveaways, which is a loud way of saying I want to increase my followers, because there are rules to follow and comment and hashtag, instead, free digital prints, or digital planner, some helpful CSS Tips and tricks sheets could be a great idea. Which doesn’t tag along with it any rules to follow, is a great way to give back to the community which is so supportive and helpful. Now I’m not saying giveaways are a total no, no you can absolutely show your gratitude towards your readers whichever way you like. But in general freebies once in a while is a good way, to let your readers feel special and come to back to you again and again.

8. Accessible Follow Button : Now I feel Bloglovin’ is a wonderful site to find bloggers and great content, so having an accessible follow button, for your readers to click on, the moment they think you are worth following is a great way to boost your readership. Add the follow me button at the end of every post or  sticky sidebar social media button can be really beneficial for having loyal followers and readers.

Hope this was helpful. What do you think is the best way to keep your readers engaged? Do you have any suggestions for growing and maintaining readership?

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