The Must Have Photography Tools

must photography tools for bloggers

When it comes to blogging and establishing a good blog, the first thing that speaks to the audience in a blog post (apart from the catchy title) are the photographs. Good and high quality photographs are the ultimate source of making your blog successful and popular. Well atleast even if I’m not reading the content I end up spending more time on a blog which has great quality pictures.

And after starting my own blog here are few things that I invested in which I think are the ultimate source for capturing a good picture.

Camera + Lenses :

Camera : Now even though I’m not a professional but a basic Dslr to begin with is definitely a game changer when it comes to the quality of the blog photos. Canon600D has been a wonderful companion for the blog success, even after being an entry level camera, it does manage to take wonderful crisp high quality pictures. Definitely a great investment.

Canon 50mm f 1.8 (well known as nifty fifty lens) : After searching for variety of different lenses 50mm was the perfect catch, specially if you are beauty blogger or a fashion blogger. Then this is a great economical lens which can capture minute details, giving a great death of field and bringing the object to life.

Accessories :

Tripod: This is an essential accessory if you own a Dslr, and specially if you are beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger, this is one handy little thing that can be very useful at times when you have no helping hand around you. And honestly its not that big of an investment when it comes to a basic tripod, its cheap and in my own opinion and experience super essential.

Canon Remote (RC Wireless Remote): Another very essential equipment when it comes to photography, specially when you have to take your own pictures, this can avoid the unwanted shakiness in the photographs and of course its super cheap 😉

Reflector: I have always tried to create my own “reflectors” at home during those dull gloomy days, but investing in one reflector can seriously amp up your photography game. And here is a super affordable option for just $7 .

Extras :

Memory Card and Battery Pack: This is given when it comes to being a blogger or even a vlogger, an extra memory card and battery pack can come handy any given time, being prepared for such situations is a sign of being a pro blogger *wink*.

Lightening Kit: If you deal with indoor photography and have to face bad climatic conditions, this is a great option to always have a well lit picture without any harsh shadows on a sunny day or dull and dark photos on a gloomy day.

Hope these were helpful tips. If you think there are few more things that can be a game changer when it comes to establishing your small photography kit, do share with us, I would love to hear!

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