Fresh Spring Makeup Look


Hello, hello lovely people, today I’m rather excited and nervous at the same time. Now I have been wanting to do youtube since a really long time probable 5-6 years. And I thought to myself enough of the longing to do something that I’m really passionate about. I love creativity be it in any form. And the whole idea of creating content, editing and all the fun stuff (which by the way I’m still getting a hang off, but its way to exciting to pass it on, now). So finally I have pushed myself out there to explore a new land. Hope I get the same amount of love, support and encouragement from you guys, which you have all bestowed upon me here on the bloggers world. And to be completely honest the only reason I started blogging was, I was way to shy to put myself out there into the youtube land. SO finally after plucking up some courage I did my first video. And what better time to start something new than spring?

So ladies, let yourself blossom with the spring, swing open that ‘lady gadgets’ drawer, and push those deep berries and burgundy’s cause gone are those grungy makeup days, lets whip out those beautiful pinks, peaches and corals and dress up our Mondays. 

Hope you enjoy this video, and if you do please please don’t forget to leave your precious feedback, like and subscribe. It will make my day. 


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