And I’m Back

Happy New years guys, I know it’s late but better late than never I guess?
I know have been totally MIA since mid December  and we are here already a month past 2016, lets just say life has been busy!

Well busy in a very good, bonding way! Almost half way across the world in my home country surrounded by friends and family, it has been quite a festive ending of 2015 and of-course a fabulous beginning of 2016. The never ending weddings, traveling, family get togethers, everything that was dearly missed for past one and a half year has been fully rejoiced and relished. 

Since I wanted to give time to everyone in the family, enjoy my stay at home, Indian shopping and street food, the luxury of lazying around the house, and I just couldn’t concentrate on this baby (which I dearly missed – to be honest).

But as per the plans I was suppose to go back to my schedule after 3rd Feb, that day when I was suppose to land back in US, set up my home, get back to a routine, but as luck would have it or shall I say as my little monster would like it, she made it difficult for me and I had to de-board my flight. Never did I think in my wildest dream anything like this happening to me. Anyway enjoying a few more couple of days at home, before I begin with my hectic journey again. This time hoping to reach safe and sound. 

Hope you all had a wonderful start of this year, and looking forward to getting back on track with lots of new fun stuff. Until then wish me luck guys. 

Also I would love to take some tips from any mothers out there, who’s kids are paranoid flyers anything to distract them and soothe them when they go out of control??? – I would highly appreciate your suggestions.