9 Best Photo Editing Apps For Bloggers

If taking photos wasn’t enough, editing can feel like yet another painful task. But the beauty of editing is such, that it gives life, rhythm and romanticism even to the dullest moment captured. And if you are a pro blogger, or aspire to become a full time blogger, then editing photographs becomes a daily chore. So here few of my trusty and well loved editing apps.

Paid Apps :

Photoshop : The intricate feature of handling the picture and editing it layer by layer, makes it the best app to add life to even the dullest and saddest picture.

Lightroom: Yet another app provided by Adobe to add wonderful preset to the pictures and your picture is one click away from being a real beauty. It’s even great to edit a number of pictures together   and effectively.

Free Apps :

iPhotos : One of my favorite apps for editing pictures, it’s simple yet very effective. An app for anyone who is starting with their photograph enhancing skills and anyone who owns a mac. And here is one example of how I use this app to brighten up pictures.

Paint.NEt : A good alternative of photoshop with all the advance features. And best of all its an online free app.

Picmonkey : Similarly another great online application for editing pictures which is vastly used is picmonkey.

Mobile Device Apps :

TadaSlr : If you don’t own a Dslr, do not worry, here is an app to give that blurry background with bokeh effect. Nothing compared to the real quality of a good quality lens but definitely a great beginners help.

(original picture)

(Edited On TadaSlr)

Line Camera : One of the best mobile photo editing apps, from adding beautiful fonts, to stickers or perhaps beautifying a selfie this app has everything you need to enhance a photo.


(Pic Enhanced On LineCamera)

Lumie : Yet another great app to add bokeh effect.

Rhonna App : A great app to add personality to your pictures, with great tools for adding designs and metallic stickers, a variety of different fonts to create your own inspirational art piece.

Hope this was helpful. And if you haven’t tried any of the above apps and plan to use any do let me know how you feel about those applications. Also I would love to know about some other great editing tools.