Nügg Face Mask* || Review

When I first saw these, all I thought to myself was, it better not smell too good, or I’d be tempted to spread it on my toast. I mean doesn’t the packaging look like those cute li’l jam pods you get in the airplanes/fancy hotels?

Any who, I was really intrigued by the one shot face mask idea, and it is such a great way to try out a product before buying the full sized container. It’s perfect for anyone who is noncommittal to skincare, as you can get an assortment of different face mask, for the price of one jar of something. And lets admit it we all love variety and trying things when it comes to skincare, well atleast I do. These are wonderful to just throw in the purse, and very convenient when it comes to traveling.

However, the only and the biggest down side of these that I feel is there is definitely more than a one time use amount of product in one pod, and the whole idea of keeping the face mask fresh goes down the drain since you don’t have the lid to re-store it, and hence the whole wastage factor.

I do have to say though, that I love the revitalizing mask, since thats the only mask that I have tried so far, and it made my skin feel baby smooth and happy. These would definitely make a wonderful stocking fillers and a little something extra into the gift basket, this holiday season. 

Have you tried any Nügg face masks before? Which is your favorite travel friendly face-mask/treatment?

*This was sent to me by Nugg, however all opinions expressed are my own*


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