November Favorites

november favorites


I can’t even begin to ramble on how my head is still spinning, thinking about it’s almost the end of 2015, where the hell did the time went by? But with all the fairy lights, christmas decorations and the festivity I won’t even complain, cause this is the prettiest month of all. 

That being said, November had been quite a sickening month for our family, starting off with a horrible teething toddler, to a week straight of sleepless nights (taking care of her) – leading to fever and throat injection (for me) and then husband’s sickness and with all the germs floating around, we did have lots of house parties [eww, gross I know]. DUH! but as things can get exhausting, putting on a pretty face is the only escape, my dear friends. 

So here are my November favorites and this time with the mix of random stuff 😀

Random Bits :

Techie/Gadgety/Accessory : Let me start with iPhone 6s? It was my anniversary gift since I was using iPhone 5, 6s was a much needed upgraded haha, but more than the phone I’d have to say I love the case, it’s sturdy, classy yet functional and most of all matches the rose gold. So if you are looking for a good case you might want to check this out.

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TV Series : Since I had been meaning to watch Gilmore girls for ages now, I finally started with the series, and yes I love it. But right in the middle of my GG watching my husband busted in with the suspense series called The Blacklist, and am I hooked to it or what. I mean I won’t watch anything like this on my own but when I start watching it’s just hard to pause and looking around, it’s a horrible addiction. And it’s killing me whether Reddington is Lizzy dad or not. I hate suspense movies and shows they are torturous haha. But definitely worth watching.

Acrylic Office Chair : Since I’m in the middle of setting up my little space for blogging/workspace, table and a chair is an essential, and this acrylic chair is my favorite thing so far, it’s beautiful, comfortable and adds so much chic-ness to the place.

Onto the beautiful stuff Makeup :

Trestique Brow Pencil : Even though I didn’t like it much initially, thinking it is a bit light for my liking, but the more I use the more I fall in love with it. It’s the perfect quick fix for the brows without reaching out for ten thousand products. And it makes the brows looks so naturally beautiful.

Charlotte Tilbury Marie Antoinette : Even though when I first tried it I didn’t like it since it moved all over the place and didn’t even hold up for fews hours, but surprisingly when I wore it for the parties, it stayed put all night long, and I absolutely adore this shade it’s truly mesmerizing.

Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara : Sephora brand makeup is highly under-rated, specially for the price and quality you just can’t beat it. This mascara came in as a sample but this is by far the most uplifting, volumizing and defining mascara, however be careful not to poke your self in the eye with it’s wand as it is quite pointy and plastic-y which I love and am scared off too, at the same it. 

Nars Dual Intensity Blush In Fervor : I love how it has two blush shades and you can totally play around with the colors, but more than that I love the dark shade in the duo as it doubles up as a beautiful eye shadow and I have been loving this blush more than anything.

Sigma  Peaceful Powder Blush : Well this is more like a beautiful highlight underneath the blush since it is a bit to light or neutral for my skin tone, but I love the radiance it adds, specially underneath mac’s pink swoon I have been loving that combination.

Lips : Kiko Lip pencil in No.1 from the Rebel Romantic collection, the perfect lip-color that will stay on for a really long time and it’s just been my favorite lip-color ever since I got it. 

Nars Matt Velvet Lip Pencil In Cruella, a lovely color for making a sick face look festive haha, definitely one of the prettiest reds. 

Even though we had a rough few days, I love the whole feel of festivity, sales and the holiday cheer. Cant wait for December to bust in with all the exciting traveling and wedding shindig to begin. Ahh, just way to excited to travel back home and meet with all the family and friends, even though, I  really wanted to do blogmas, but since I didn’t prepare before hand and there is a long haul overseas trip I don’t think so I would be able to keep up with the 25 days of blogging but I will surely try to blog more. Meanwhile tomorrow this baby known as abeautydetour turns ONE, soo soo exciting, yay!!

Hope you all had a marvelous November, and even more so have an exciting December to look forward to. Let me know what were your favorites this past month and what are you most excited about for the holiday season?

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