LOTW || Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lipgloss


This idea has been borrowed by lovely Iqra from blushinggiraffe.com, a great way to rekindle your love for old makeup specifically lipsticks/lip-products. Since more than half of my makeup collection consists of lip-products I thought this would be a great idea to use up my stash with a well depth review.

So this is one of the product I would have and had totally passed on after looking at it on the shelves, but you know how you get enabled to buy something when you look at someone and be like hey what’s that, that you are wearing – it looks gorgeous and they pull out something which you totally underestimated! Well this is exactly how I was introduced to this beauty.

To begin with, I’d have to say the texture is quite smooth, creamy and plush. The color pay off is insane it’s definitely not a liquid lipstick but somewhere in between a liquid lipstick and lip plumping gloss minus the tingly and obvious lip plumping gloss properties (wow I did make it sound quite science-y lol). However, I’d have to say it’s a bit tacky, not a gross lines across the mouth tacky, but more like mm I’m-going-to-last-on-your-lips-for-awhile-kind-of-tacky. I got the shade Liar, which is more appropriate for a fair skin-tone I feel, cause it looks a little bit flat on my skin-tone and I have to wear a lip liner underneath it. None-the-less, it’s definitely a well loved lip-product in my collection. And some times I just layer this under the UD naked lipgloss in nooner and these two together look amazing on me, well atleast thats what I feel 😉

Have you tried any of the revolution high color lipgloss? Which one is your favorite?