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Hello Hello ladies, for today’s high tea and beauty I have one of my yet another favorite person from a blog which is ” all about the balancing act through out ‘C’est la vie.’ ” – as she quotes it.

She is a traveler, a book worm and a fellow beauty lover. A beautiful girl from Colorado, who is cool, down-to-earth, outdoorsy adding her own sprinkle of glamor where ever she goes, the ever so lovely Kelsey from www.abalancingpeach.com

Q1. Hi Kelsey, firstly I have to say, I’m a huge fan of your blog ever since I discovered it. And it seems you just started your blog six months ago, and it’s a great success, what was your game plan, cause it’s truly on a professional level, and it doesn’t seems like its something you started off on a whim!

A1. Thank you thank you! That means the world to me because your blog is one I check almost everyday and get so much inspiration from. My game plan from the very beginning was simply an escape from my life. I was going through a really rough break up and all of sudden my life seemed to be nothing like I had planned on it being.  I dived head first into blogging and used it to give me something positive in my life or something that I had more control over. I had no idea I would absolutely fall in love with it.

And I’m not sure if my little blog is successful, but I have connected with some amazing people! Lately I’ve hardly paid any attention to numbers because I’m having too much fun creating content and doing fun things, like this interview, with it. 🙂

Q2. Ouch, I’m sorry to hear that, but like it goes everything happens for a good reason, so did this I guess. Else we would have missed one of the awesome blogs. Keeping on the blogging track, when was it you realized you wanted to get your blog branded, all designed and professional looking? And what are you thoughts and advice on getting a blog branded and designed by a professional?

A2:Thanks! I’m definitely at a point now where I can sorta see that things happen for a reason.  Before I even launched my blog I was researching like mad how to get it to look exactly like what I wanted. My dad is an architect so I definitely had the importance of the little details and “artistic quality” preached to me from a young age.  I am a little bit stubborn when it comes to being independent and I originally wanted to design my own blog… unfortunately I’m not a website developer and I didn’t have time to learn! So I broke down and just bought a theme.

I think if you have the monetary means to have a blog branded and designed by an actual professional – DO IT. But for those who want the aesthetics with maybe less loans, research WordPress/SquareSpace/Blogger themes.  There are sooo many out there.  I went with Angiemakes and I have to say I’m beyond impressed with them. They have awesome themes that didn’t set me back by much. I send them weekly emails/dumb questions and they have never not fixed something for me.

One of the best things I ever learned about branding was from a Zie Darling branding class I took. She encouraged us to create a secret Pinterest board for “your brand.” I seriously have so many now for not only blogging, but also for decorating my own house. Bonus – it’s super fun to set up camp and browse Pinterest for pretty images that you love.

Q3. I will quickly move from the blogging talk I promise, but before I do, I wanted to ask you about your photography, it’s pristine. Have you learned photography? And who takes your pictures? I mean I got to say I do get “j” of the quality and the aesthetics of your pictures! lol..

A3: You are honestly giving me the biggest smile! Anytime someone compliments my photos it makes me happy beyond words. So thank you very much.

I actually just kinda picked it up! Investing in a good camera definitely excelled my photography game, but I also never stopped researching or talking to people about photography.  I am definitely not a pioneer for photography (nor will I ever be) and I get soooo much of my inspiration from other photographers, bloggers, friends, family, you name it.

Like I mentioned before I’m a bit stubborn and independent, so I take pretty much all the photos on my blog. I use a tripod (or “Trepod” as I lovingly call it) for photos with me in them or sometimes I let go of some of my stubbornness and ask for help.

Q4. Haha I love how you called yourself as stubborn and not “the perfectionist”, I really enjoy your energy and humbleness. So tell us more about you, who is Kelsey actually, your insecurities, your passion apart from blogging, and where are you from?

A4:Thank you thank you love!

Whew. Alright I’ll start out easy and I’m from a small little farm town in Colorado.  You probably never have heard of it, but it has the most beautiful Rocky Mountains backdrop.  I now live in Laramie, WY which is much less picturesque, yet it has completely grown on me.

I live with my dog, Zeus, and psychotic kitty, Finnick. I absolutely love chasing sunsets with Zeus, so often after work I’ll load him up and we will go explore to try and find the prettiest sunset spots. I also just became a spin instructor! It’s at a our local rec center and it’s very “Soul Cycle” influenced, so it’s not just people sitting in a dark room on a bike for an hour. We are up moving around to the beat of the music. I also am super into horses so whenever I go home to my parents little ranch, I ride for hours. And when I’m not riding at home, I’m often trying to find wine bars or cheese bistros with my friends.

Hands down my biggest insecurity is my skin! It’s always been so fussy and prone to breakouts.  I think that’s why I love covering skincare on my blog – I’m always researching ways to improve it and keep it clear.  Also, if I could have inherited my dad’s long legs rather than my momma’s little munchkin-like legs that would have been great. 🙂

Q5. Now if I’m allowed to be a bit more personal, how did you deal with your breakup? I know it’s a horrible, horrible thing, and I have been there too, but do you think a little bit of wallowing period is must to strike back, or just completely shutting off those feeling and concentrating on something else is what gets you through the tough times? Also do you think breakups can mend you as a person?

A5: I think a little bit of both is definitely needed – wallowing and shutting off your feelings. I definitely shut off my feelings for probably too long (by just diving head first into the blogging world), which seemed to make my wallowing that much harder. But that being said I think some of my feelings at first were too much to deal with. It’s a hard balance!! Really finding something that made me genuinely happy and that was all mine was key to me getting back to being… me.

I think you definitely mend as a person and it doesn’t have to be the most dramatic mending to mean the most. I was lucky and my relationship was not awful. He was an amazing guy and I know he still is to this day. I think I mended more in that I learned to stand on my own. I no longer had someone I always called when something went wrong nor did I have a life plan anymore. My life was completely about me, which sounds great, but it’s also pretty terrifying when it comes to bills and casual lonely Tuesday evenings.  Luckily, my parents and friends are beyond amazing and were so supportive of me.

Q6. Ah Colorado you lucky lucky girl, it’s a beautiful place have been there once and rocky mountain like view, makes me jealous now. So soul cycle instructor wow, give us some staying healthy/fitness tips? 

A6:  It’s one of the most unique places to live! I love it, yet too many people have moved there lately so I always enjoy Wyoming and it’s wide open spaces.

I think everything in moderation.  Our culture seems to love extremes – where if working out 3 times a week is healthy than working out 6-8 time must be really healthy. Or since sugar is not healthy for you, people have stopped eating fruits. When really letting your body rest or needing the fiber in fruits are just as important.

Doing things so extreme seems to burn people out super fast, so find the little balance that works for you and stick to it.

Q7. Any skin-care product that stood the test of time? And you totally swear by?

A7: Such a hard question for any product junkie to answer… But I would have to say Tatcha Rice Powder.  I bought this last year and keep purchasing it over and over.  My skin seems to love the gentle exfoliation it gives + it’s a really fun powder to foam product.

Q8. Do you wear makeup on a regular basis? Which is your favorite drugstore product?

A8: Typically yes! I work 9 to 5 everyday so I usually wear something daily, but I love weekends when I don’t go anywhere and just let my skin breathe.

And right now I swear by Maybelline’s LashSensational mascara. I’m a mascara SNOB and I can’t believe it’s from the drugstore – it’s that good. (Also I love the L’Oreal Infallible eye shadows – they are stunning.)

Q9. Guilty pleasures when it comes to make up and beauty?

A9: An effective exfoliator for skincare and a lip product that can last through a meal.

I quite literally just stocked up on peels and lippies from Sephora. I have a problem. 🙂

Q10. Any beauty rituals that makes you feel empowered?

A10: I think slipping on a bold lip color instantly gives me more confidence. I usually try to take the timeto line my lips and prime them so it feels like such a ritual sometimes.

Q11. Your beauty philosophy?

A11: I heard this first on Maskcara and I’ve basically just kept it as a small little reminder every day since then.  “Makeup isn’t for covering up and changing your beauty, it’s for enhancing your own unique beauty.”  So while I cover up blemishes, I try to wear things to make my blue eyes pop and my clown like lips standout.

Q12. Last but not the least your favorite quote  that keeps your positive and inspired ?

A12: “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.” I feel like this has been mantra lately and it’s perfect for helping me keep my chin up.

Thanks so much for interviewing me Saman! I loved this and am so flattered you took the time out of your day to do so.

Thank you Kelsey for actually taking out time for doing this for me, I just love how down-to-earth and what a wonderful person you are, and truly a perfectionist. 

Hope you all enjoyed knowing Kelsey the way I enjoyed, here are her social media links, don’t forget to follow her on – Instagram, Facebook and bloglovin

Until next time Xoxo.